Coolsculpting is Amazing - No Pain Great Results - Boca Raton

I have had my tummy, love handles and inner thighs...

I have had my tummy, love handles and inner thighs done. The first five minutes of the procedure there is some discomfort ,but it is well worth the pain. The cost was $475 per section (example one leg inner thigh $475) I choose to try coolscuplting as an alteranative to liposuction. Since there is no cutting or down time. I worked out an hour after the procedure and was fine.

About a month after the procedure I started noticing the change in my body. The results are amazing.

How do I find out what Doctor you went to ?


Hi QTPYE4YOU -- The facility name is listed at the bottom of the review. Hope this helps!


Thanks for sharing your experience with CoolSculpting! I'm curious, since it's pretty new, how you found out about it?

Sactuary Med Spa

During the procedure I had a great room with blankets, tv and the staff made me feel every comfortable.

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