Breast Augmentation and Lift for Sagginess and Loss of Firmness (Age 61)

At age 61, natural sagginess was inevitablel but I...

At age 61, natural sagginess was inevitablel but I had lost consideralbe amount of weight during a stressful time. I really didn't like how my breasts had drooped and lost firmness.

Got a breast lift with augmentation, but then got grade 3 capsular contracture, which was improve with manual pressure but still not completely gone: hardness and pain still a problem. Doctor did the manual manipulation which did help but I still have some hardness and mishappen breast.

Also had problems with nipple on that breast because I had quit smoking 2 wks before as recommended but apparently not soon enough; nipple turned black and took a very long time to heal and does not look very nice. But at least the fullness is nice above even if not visually what I had hoped for.

I get stinging sensations around the nipple and achiness in breast. The "good" breast also gets occasional stinging sensations around the incisions. How long should I expect these feelings to last?
It has been months since I went to this site. It is now October and I am scheduled for a revsion. I'm really nervous about it, because of capsular contracture. Dr will remove implants and replace them in opposite breasts to make up for the fact that the larger natural breast ended up smaller, and the right breast had 350 ccs of silicone, with 300ccs in the left. I'm being charged for OR and anesthesiologist; I wonder why my dr didn't go for under muscle instead of above.

Hi There, I know your treatment was a while back, but I'm wondering if your stinging sensations have resolved. Many of the answers you may be looking for can already be found in our Doctor's Q & A section. Check this one out.

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He was very caring and kept monitoring my condition every week for several months.

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