TT with MR. 2 weeks post-op...I finally have a pretty tummy! United Kingdom.

Divorced and now have found the man of my dreams...

Divorced and now have found the man of my dreams who i cannot wait to marry!! Finally things come to those who wait! after a huge 10lb first baby and swelling from pre-eclampsia its finally time to get rid of the 'pouch' that has consumed me with hate for 10 years! Then my 'Happy Ever After' will be complete :-)

My mummy tummy

Before pics....took guts to put these up x

To lipo or not to lipo?

Hi Girlies!
Ok so im confused. My surgeon said i didn't need any lipo but will just a tummy tuck define my waist more? Iv never had a tiny waist, always been a little bit straight even before kiddies when i was slim but was hoping a tummy tuck with lipo would achieve more of a waist? He did say i would need a long scar as the loose skin goes quite far around to my that why i won't need lipo or should i kick up a stink and insist on it. Also ive heard lipo can sometimes give an uneven finish?? Any advice appreciated! Got my pre-op on Friday 14th so can bring it up then! xxx

more pics

Pre-op tomorrow!! What will they do?? x

Got my pre-op at 10:30am 14th feb (tomorrow) said it would take an hour....wondering what they will be doing/what to expect? Any advice appreciated xx

pre-op update

Hi All! Hope you all healing well if post-op and feeling well if your pre-op! Well had my pre-op check. I'm please to say I'm in perfect health and 5lb lighter than I thought! I'm 9st 6 lb and 5ft5 inches so in perfect range for bmi! That put a smile on my face! Iv been told I get 2 binders for after. They took measurement's for this to make sure it would be tight enough. I though that was good! One to wash and one to wear! The hospital is so lovely and all the staff so nice! All excited now! 12 days and counting! My wonderful partner paid it all up so just got to sit back and wait! Will post some more pre-op pics later to show additional weight loss. Pouch sagging even more now! How much on average weight in skin/flesh do you have removed? Just curious! Xxxx

more pics

Just a few more. Before pics were not at my heaviest. I threw them away out of anger. Wish I kept them now. I put on another 21lb after those pics x

more before pics. Yucky tummy be gone.

Few more detailed pics of my awful tummy..... can see the stretch marks and baggy skin much clearer. :-(. Hope I get good results x

1 week to go! OMG!! nervous excitement!

Hi girls! So I'm now at the 1 week to go mark. Wow I'm getting nervous! Just wondering what's best to eat after surgery? For the first few days. Also what's best to keep swelling away? Hear pineapple is good so will give that a go but anything else I can do?? Thank you Xx

3 days to nervous!!

Have no idea why im so nervous. Wanted this for 10 years and now having a random cry, being grumpy, can't keep off toilet! Even cancelled plans to go out today coz of bad tummy.....i don't get it? Thought i would be sooo excited....whats wrong with me?? :(

Night before flat side!! Eeeek!

Hi girls! Bag is packed ready and waiting for my big day! Good luck to all surgery buddies tomorrow! Happy healing to those already on the flat side. Thanks to everyone for all support and advice so have all been a godsend! Will update with pics asap. Xxx

All marked up! ready to go x

Bye bye tummy x

All done! o the flat side!

Back on my room. Managing pain. Eating and drinking. Surgepun is aximg. Had a peek...explain later lol. Will update properly tomorrow. Love to all (take a look at my mark-up pic! Xx

2 days post op. Drains coming out and going home!

Hi girls. Well I'm 2 days post op now. Surgeon came to see me yesterday to remove packing from tummy button. Apparently my tummy button was short and tight so he had to re-stitch it a few times to get it right! It's so cute! So happy with it and so is he!. I'm hardly draining any fluid. Only 100 ml each side has come out in drains since surgery. I asked my surgeon why and he sad it's because he takes his time with the surgery and tries to cause little trauma as possible when I was opened up. Iv only been on paracetamol since yesterday too. Managing pain well. Slept from 1pm to 6:30am this morning. Felt so good! Having dressing changed before I go home so will update with pictures when I can. Happy healing all xx


Meant 11pm till 6am! Hahaha

First pic of new tummy. 2 days post op

So happy with my heart shape tummy button and the low stretch marks now. Got a sneaky pic at dressing change time. Couldn't be happier. Lots of swelling but not bad for 3 days post. Got to rest and heal now x

body shot. still very swollen but love it already. Happy girl

Another pic. Standing sort of lol

Day 4 progress! Yipee

Hi girls!
Well iv been sleeping in my bed 8 hours per night. Propped up with plenty of pillows and a wedge under my legs! was so relieved to be able to sleep. Im more straight today. still a little hunched. Swelling is ok in morning and worse in the evening. Managing a bit of washing up, laundry, doing my girls hair. making hot drinks. All good progress although have to try not to do too much. think it helps that my toilet is upstairs so have to keep up and down all day!! Mum bought me a bottle of champagne but got to wait till iv finished my anti-b's before i can celebrate my new tummy lol! Everyone iv shown is amazed at how neat and flat i am already. This makes me so happy! Still getting tired very quickly but im so happy i did it. Best decision iv ever made. Just want to be 2 weeks post-op now so i can go out and enjoy a meal with my man lol. Hope your all doing well! Hugs xx

7 days post op

Hi girls. Well 7 days post op...Iv been doing great until now. I'm sure I'm have the blues but pulled myself so badly this morning by slipping and using hand to break my fall. Wow the pain in my abs was unreal!! So so painful and have felt tender and bruised ever since. Just taking it very easy now. Feel like iv taken a couple of steps back. Keep welling up but im sure it's just silly hormones getting in the way. Anyway top tip to hold pillow firm down on tummy to cough or sneeze...Massive help!! Here's a 7 day post op pic. Having dressings changed on Monday so will take more pics then. Hope your all happy ans well and healing well if post-op hugs!!! X

surgeon follow up. Good and bad.

Hi all. Had my dressings off today. So happy with my fine scar and healing so all good on that front. I feel my bb is off centre tho. Surgeon said he agreed so looking at revision in 3 months . He said its easily solved under a local anaesthetic so that's ok. Just wanted to be bikini ready by summer but it doesn't look that way now. He said to give it 3 months for swelling to settle and for my bb to find its final position. It may even correct t itself through reduced swelling however he said if I was still unhappy he would of course re tidy it for me. Was a little upset but am otherwise very happy with my results so not being ungrateful. Just wasn't expecting to look crooked lol. My surgeon us fantastic and very reassuring so im not worried. Have put a few pics up... what do you all think?? Anyway hope your all doing well pre and post. Hugs xxx

Another pic


swelling going..feeling happy! is this my tummy??

Hey all! Well I woke this morning and with the swelling going down I'm seeing some definition! Can't believe it! So happy!. Need to work on my flat bum as soon as I'm allowed but at least I have a good base to work on now. Still keeping tape on bb as surgeon told me to but can still see its off centre. It can be sorted so not stressing about in anymore. Walked kids to school today and syanding 95% straight now! Today is a good day thank goodness! Have put some progress pics up. Hope your all well pre and post!! X

Swell hell!

Hey girls. Well the swelling is doing its thing with me...lovely and flay in the morning....4 months pregnant in the evening!! So 8 gonna post a morning pic lol. Every morning I wake up a little bit smaller and seeing a little more definition so im happy until midday! Lol. Will be buying more pineapple and keeping up with drinking water. Hope your all good and well x

First Bikini in 11 years!!! :)

Just though I'd pip a pic of a bikini I bough off eBay this week. It's still a little tight and this pic was taken in the evening so swelling was bad. Still don't look awful like I used to! Can't actually believe im posting pics of me in a bikini!! hahaha! Can't wait to work out and be summer ready now! Oh and my hubby to be accidentally elbowed me on my scar on my hip last night...still burning now! Hope no damage has been done! Anyone else knocked their incision at all?? Happy Friday all x

Possible Seroma and scar picture

Hi all! Think 8 got a seroma building up. Very wobbly lower tummy and swollen. Goes down in the morning back up again 8n the evening. Not getting bigger so hope it will settle. Seems to have happened since I picked my 4 year old up! Silly I know but totally forgot. Now I feel bruised and sore again! Could kick myself!! Anyway scar is doing well. Will put pic up. Hope your all good xx

3 weeks post op. Feeling better!

Well I don't think I have a seroma as tummy is flatter again this morning so good news. Could resist ordering anot her bikini too. Feeling so happy I did this TT. I still have a little swelling but for 3 weeks my scar looks good i'm feeling better from resting lots and I think my BB might be straightening a little although still feel it's too small and still a bit off centre so will still have revision. Can wait to start squats now to lift my saggy bum! Lol. Happy Friday all. Have a fab weekend. :)

Swelling progress shot. Can deffo see a difference each week

Swelling progress shot

It's my 35th Birthday in my new 8-10 jeans!

Hey All! Looks like your all doing fab! Just popped a clothed picture up! Managed to get into a size 8-10 jeans I bought for my birthday today! (6-8 us) so so happy. Healing well. Still swelling in the evening. Had sickness bug yesterday....throwing up 3 weeks post not pleasant at all! Feeling better today. Hope your all doing well Hugs xx

Quick update! 5 weeks post op.

Hey all! Quick pic update. Have just moved house this week. Been busy and tired but Trying no to strain! Have had swelling in evening after a full on day. Seeing surgeon on Monday for a check. Deffo need my bb adjusted as it's off centre for sure. Loving my neat scar and results tho. Very clever surgeon! I'm spitting a few stitches which pull bad when caught!! Ouch! Still not complaining as very happy so far. Hope your all well pre and post! Jojo been thinking of you! KLG hope your resting and repairing doll and Pels send pics of Vegas asap....Can't wait to see you rocking your bikini!! (Krissy hope your healing well now too sweetie after all your awful dramas) Love to all xx

6 weeks post and feeling the best yet!

Hi all! So im 6 weeks post now and woe what a difference it makes to be this far. Feeling way better...would say 95% back to normal (5% being the swelling after activity or after a long day on my feet) Have been gardening (still no heavy lifting tho) moved house and all settled and it's so beautiful here! Have been cleaning, entertaining, shopping, taking care of all the kids in the easter hols (all 5 including my step kid's) without a hitch do all back to normal (and intimate time with my hubby-to-be is back on track too lol) Here's a few pics. My scar is doing well. Haven't started any scar therapy yet just keeping tape on to protect it from chafing on my underwear as that seemed to make it red and angry with tape off! Anyway hope your all doing welol pre and post op.....I can honestly say my confidence is up 100% and it the best thing iv ever done apart from having my kids and meeting my Knight in shining armour!!!! Xxxxxx

7 weeks post op! To revise bb or not to revise??? What do you think??

Hi girls.. hope your all good. Just a bit of advice please...should I revise my bb? It's still slightly off but not as much as it was just after surgery...its has evened out a fair bit...can u see its off? Should I have revision? Surgeon said he will sort it for free if i'm still not happy after its all settled. I think it may be a little too small too? Any advice appreciated xx

More bb pics....revision?? Wonky/too small

few close up pics

Fell of the diet wagon! Back I. The fame now!

Hi all...sorry been away a while...fell off the diet wagon and put on a few pounds.. should have stayed with you guys for inspiration!! Had a new site tattoo.. always wanted one there and after my TT I was finally brave enough!! Will put a pic up. Also our cat had a litter of kittens.. we have booked our wedding too so it's all good stuff!! Hope you all well girls. have missed you all xxx sorry about title update.. bloody phone!!! meant to say "back in the game now" Hahaha x

Dr Sabbagh

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Hey lady..... where have you've been hiding? How's your tummy?
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Hey lovely! Just seen this...been busy...just fell off the diet wagon so felt a bit crappy! Back on it now! Hope your doing well sweetie! Thanks for thinking of me...had a new tattoo.. will put a pic up...finally got one on my side!! Yay!! x
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Love it...looks really good
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Hey sweetie.....I don't think it looks off center anymore and its a little small but it fits your body frame. I know how it is though to be so critical of your own body. Is give it time before making a decision. ... the swelling seems to change things so much throughout the day. I'm going to make sure to take pics tomorrow morning before my swelling sets in. I wore a crop top last weekend with a long skirt for the first time in my life... I felt awkward and amazing all at the same time, lol! You look beautiful hon!
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I can't wait to wear a crop top! I bet it was weird and wonderful all at the same time!! Bet you looked gorgeous! Can't wait to see some new pics! Will see what the surgeon says next week about my bb but would like a bigger one!!!! hahaha xx
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Leave leave leave! You have a superstar tummy! I'm suffering from uneven swelling, there's a particular part slightly more tender and of course still quite numb but I reckon it'll all settle in due course... Give it a good 6months before making a decision sweet xx
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I have a tender area too Pels! It's feeling better week by week so it's all getting there. Dr Sabbagh said not to touch bb until 3 months. I go away to Morocco at the end of July so hopefully if I get it sorted sooner it would have healed enough by the time my hol comes round. The 6 month mark would take me to July right on top of my holiday....its a tricky one xx
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I personally don't see a prob with you bb... I'll put some recent pics of mine up today... But I'd wait till you enjoy your holiday before doing anything sweet xx
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I thought mine was off at first too. I think a lot changes and settles so to speak. Give it a little while. I think you look great!
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Thanks bigbabiestoblame. Yours looks perfect but we are our own worst critics. After waiting so long for it to be done I want itv100% perfect...don't want to be the king a year down the line...nice flat tummy...shame about my wonky bb lol so will prob get it sorted anyway lol xx You look amazing by the way xxx
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Arrrggghhh auto correct!! Meant to say "don't want to be thinking" lol xx
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I think you look amazing - I'd be over the moon to end up looking like you. Only you can answer your bb worries but id wait the full 6 months first. Can I ask your uneven belly swelling did that eventually settle as I'm 15 days PO & swollen just on one side .. I'll give time & not worrying but related to your review x
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Hi Finallydoneit, well when I do swell in the evening one side is slightly more than the other but only a fraction...It does get better I promise. I'd say I stopped noticing it so much around 4 weeks so don't panic are still early stages xx
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Wow!! You look fantastic and I've enjoyed reading your review!! You have a sense of humour and I think you really need one during this healing process!! Lol I am 4 weeks PO and feeling great most days, but like everyone else....still quite swollen. It's strange really. I almost feel like I have more swelling some days than in the beginning......but I know that's not possible. I'm sure it's just because I've done too much during the day.....and like you, I sometimes forget and end up picking my 15 month old baby up. Ouch. It doesn't hurt during the lift. It's later on that I pay for it!! Grrrrr.. Anyways, you look absolutely fantastic and that's great if your doctor will fix your belly button for free. I can see it is slightly off centre but who knows.....if might just come almost centred by the 3 months? I think it looks great no matter what though.....fixed or not. I only noticed because you pointed it out ;)
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Thanks for the lovely comments Bennyandjoon! Glad my review is helpful! We shall see what the surgeon say about my bb next week. I feel like the swelling is worse some days than others...If iv had alcohol it up...If iv drunk lots of water it's flat as a pancake. Common sense I suppose lol. Be very very careful when u pic your little one up try not to if at all possibe...its one of the easiest ways to go backwards in recovery...One of the girls on here (KLG) stretched up to catch a ball 4 weeks post and ripped her scar open! It was a natural reaction to catch the passing ball and she had to be stitched up again. Just take it as easy as possible hun. Anyways...happy healing hunni x
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That makes complete sense!! People have been offering me a glass of wine and I've been staying away from ALL alcohol. I guess my body is just telling me what it needs. I do notice that the days I drink a huge amount of water, tend to be my better days. I just find it hard to remember.....always have though. My bad:( That is scary that happened to KLG by just stretching up to catch a ball!!! Ok. I will be VERY careful from now on! I just feel like it's been a month sometimes, and I think I should be healed enough.....but not after hearing that story!!!! Yikes! Poor her. Happy healing to you as well and when are you marrying you knight??
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Next April the 11th is our wedding date. Can't wait! Prep is in full swing and I can't wait to be his wife! I'm a lucky girl! Can wear a beautiful form fitting wedding dress now too yipee!! Thanks for asking hun xxx
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Ohhhhh!! So exciting! certainly will look absolutely perfect in a form fitting dress and your scar should look especially fantastic in a year!!! So happy for you guys!
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my vote is to leave it! I don't see what your seeing but know your body better than anyone. You look amazeballs! Question....when do you think your swelling went down? I can't remember what everyone says is the swelling weeks. Thanks!
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I would say at 4 weeks my swelling was gone from morning until about 9pm. Then it would swell.... I found if u drink plenty of water it's the best thing for keeping swelling away as much as possible....I swear by it x
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Hey sweet! Will try and do one now x
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Hey Doll, Can you take a close up of just your tummy and BB?
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Have put some more up hun...deffo looks too small!! x
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You look so good!!! Great pics
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Love your results! You look wonderful!
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