2 Weeks Post Op: I Look Flat - Blufton, SC

I had old saline implants removed from the tissue...

I had old saline implants removed from the tissue after 11 years and 330cc high profile saline put in behind the muscle and they look flat like pancakes, I appear flatchested in my clothes. Is this normal?

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Good luck! Let us know!

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Hi there,

I'm sorry you're not happy with the appearance of your breasts after getting your revision! Do you have photos you can post (even clothed is fine) so we can visualize what you're describing?

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I don't have any photos at the moment I will see what I can do. I go back to the doctor in the morning. The nurse told me on Monday that this was normal. I am just swollen and had to give them time to settle in the pockets and then they will fall and fluff out. I am a very thin girl, and i was I guess not expecting them to be this way. Last time I had them done they were put in the breast tissue and you could tell a difference right away. This time it just seems that it is taking them longer to "puff" out and it looks as if I have had nothing done and I had more CC's put in. Maybe I am just being impatient and stressing :-)
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