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I am pleased with my tummy tuck but would like to...

I am pleased with my tummy tuck but would like to share my experience with you.

All went well and by day 8 I was feeling fine when suddenly terrible pain started in both of my thighs, it was agony and I could not bare to touch them. It is really disappointing and a real set back as I couldn't even walk a few steps without being in total agony. I saw my surgeon who said it was quite common, but the nurse said she had only seen 6 women in 6 years with this complaint.

My surgeon gave me capsaicin cream and suggested ibuprofen. Reading online made me very worried, I could not find many people who had experienced this but people who did said it can last for years, however, after 3 days the pain went. I personally didn't really like the cream, it stings a lot but the ibuprofen helped. If you do experience these symptoms they will go, I didn't think so at the time, but read one article that said if you can feel them that's a good thing as they are healing.

It has put me back about a week as I have ended up having 3 weeks off work. Still a little swollen but I can see the results will be amazing.

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Research your surgeon well so that you feel confident with them and the hospital you are going into.

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Well I am glad that leg pain all turned out to be fine.  Scary moment there..

Rest all that you can so you heal properly.  You get this one chance so make every minute count.  Keep us up to date on how you are doing.

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