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I did smart lipo because I absolutely hated my...

I did smart lipo because I absolutely hated my stomach and my arms!!! At the consult the doctor suggested I do my full abdomen n lower back no sides (flanks) because I didn't have enough fat there worth taking.

I just had it yesterday Aug 23 and Now is Aug 25th at 2:37am and I decided to write this post! I am having trouble sleeping not from pain I just can't sleep :-/ I just started feeling sore about 6 hrs ago but I have oxycodone but I've only taken 1...I don't like the oxycodone I'd rather just take my aleve..the compression garments are so tight and as for the surgery it's a breeze tattoos hurt waaaay worse!

Well I know I'm probably leaving something out so just ask me and I'll answer asap oh btw it's kinda hard because since I put fat in my but I have to lay on my side but it's not unbearable just uncomfortable at times...I'll add photos n progress later because I'm writing this review from my phone

Birmingham Dermatologist

Very nice and he calls u personally to check on you, and he makes you very comfortable during surgery

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Congrats I cant wait to see pictures. I am seriously thinking about this on my thighs and knees. I am relatively small with a nice figure but if you see me from behind only my legs you would think I weighed about 250. Good luck and keep us posted.
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I am scheduled to have my triplex lipo procedure today. I have researched quite a bit on this new technology. I am very impressed with your comments and I hope that my surgery outcome will be as pleasant as yours. BTW, I too am having mine done by the doctor you have pictured.
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Can't wait to see some pics. Congrats....
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Can't wait to see pics and hear update. Congrats!!!
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