Revision Rhinoplasty. Graft Placement. Could Not Breathe out of Left Nostril After First Operation - Birmingham, GB

I had revision rhinoplasty almost 2 years ago....

I had revision rhinoplasty almost 2 years ago. after first operation i could not breathe through my left nostril so grafts had to be placed to open my airway. i am not almost 2 years post second operation and my nose is very wide with a piece od cartilage ?? that sticks out of right side of my nose. I am very upset as told this was swelling. I now have a wider nose than what I did before the operations. I would like an opinion on what has happened here and where to go as I will not be returning to my original surgeon. The treatment i recieved in hospital was also disgraceful during my second operation. I waited 13 hours to go down to theatre and I did not even have a wrist band on! No pre op was done and no phone call the evening before the operation was made to tell me when to fast from etc.


Do not do any further operation in your nose , it will be shrink , and it will be hard to fix but to cut the whole nose out , so if your breath is good now , so thank God very much
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You are still very gorgeous!! Wow... I hope you get the results you want and I'd think they should be attainable... I think it is probably easier to make a nose smaller rather than build back up. Excited to see your future result!
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Hi there, I'm also from Birmingham in the UK. I am having a second revision with Dr Ronald Gruber in San Francisco at the end of July to remove cartilage grafts that are making my skin thin, red and sore, as well as straightening my septum. Who was your surgeon and which hospital? I know of two local surgeons that you must avoid that I used for primary and revision. There are no local surgeons capable. I have spent the last year and a half researching and have been to two surgeons on Harley Street and Prof Gubisch in Germany and have not been confident. That's why I have widened my search to America. You can pm me on here. x
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