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Terrible Experience with Dr Demetrius Evriviades -Birmingham, GB

I went for mole removal on the NHS and Dr...

I went for mole removal on the NHS and Dr Evriviades delegated massive cyst excision to his registrar Andrea Favaro with no biopsy first, who cut out so much skin by my nose leaving me scarred and disfigured. They admitted later it was a cyst that only needed to be nicked out but Dr Evriviades refused to repair it. The procedure took overly long for such a little thing and I was treated very disrespectfully by the staff, having to wait a long time after having my initial 8am slot moved back to 12pm and then having an excessive operation, supposedly a cyst operation but which seemed completely unnecessary considering what was presented, cutting all the way up the bridge of my nose and even excising tissue along there. It was an implausible operation and quite an ordeal to go through.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I had a terrible time and cannot say he is a good provider, it is my view that in consultation he was quite peremptory as though I was silly to bring such a silly little thing to him, and the only advantage of ordering an excessive operation on a "cyst" appears to be to provide practice for his trainee registrar Andrea Favaro, with no concern as to my appearance or the resulting disfigurement. Favaro the registrar was equally impolite and even remarked "maybe it's important for them to look perpendicular" when I was incapacitated during surgery; by "them" I can only assume he was making a racial generalisation. Further he proceeded to remove excessive amounts of skin in an overly long operation for what was only an enlarged blackhead or "nevus". Now my skin stretches tight on that side and the nasolabial fold (laugh line) has been cut out and it's asymmetrical with a large line scar and very noticeable when I smile. Professionals with that much experience should have immediately seen it was very shallow but Favaro only remarked as much halfway through the operation after cutting very deep up and into my nose, indeed it further appeared as though he had removed nasalis tissue along the bridge of my nose which slimmed the nose on that side and further contributes to the asymmetrical look, that being the case it would also be a completely unwarranted operation. It was almost like being punished for trying to improve my appearance on the NHS and used instead as a guinea pig to provide practice for staff there. All in all a horrible experience and really altered my view of NHS professionals, to be treated in that manner and disfigured in that way by people who I trusted to improve my appearance and with no recompense afterwards. Dr Evriviades refused to graft skin back into the area or carry out any revision work so now I am forced to look around the country to employ a private surgeon to correct the defect, my appearance now is even worse than before I went to see Dr Evriviades. It's almost callous the way they proceeded over a small nevus with no biopsy beforehand to determine it was only a shallow little thing that could easily be nicked out with minimal fuss, which indeed could already be seen with the naked eye. I only went to them as I couldn't quite do it myself and their response is quite baffling, it is a failure in the duty of care to patients. I have put the cost at £4000 as that is probably what it will cost to have a graft from a revision specialist, not to mention the time it will take to find one to do such a specialist and delicate procedure. A horrible experience.

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