21 Year Old, Regretful Inker- Wrist Tattoo Removal - Birmingham, GB

Where to begin… i'm sure my story is similar to...

Where to begin… i'm sure my story is similar to many on here…

I had thought about this tattoo on and off for a while, but when it came to it, it was a spur of the moment/totally impulsive kind of thing
like, i liked the idea of it but hadn't seriously considered if i want it on ME and in such an 'on-display' area of my body.

a few reasons i regret it;
i originally wanted it across my ONE wrist, in a single line- however for this to happen the font would be too small and eventually fade-aparently, so the artist suggested both wrists, i toyed with the idea and went for it impulsively.
which, obviously wasn't a good idea as now, it's not how i pictured it.

I absolutely love the quote, it's from a much larger quote and essentially is about trusting who you are and not listening to anyone who belittles or bullies you for the way you naturally are, so there's no regret in the quote. it also looks wonky in the pictures, but that's just the position my wrists are in.

I'm not a first time tattooer, i have quite a large back piece which fills almost my entire upper back, which i got when i was 18, and i love this tattoo, i don't regret it, but right after these wrist tattoos, or even before that, i would say mid-way through, i felt sick to my stomach, and filled with regret.

I tried to tell myself it was just because it was something new, maybe it was because i could SEE these tattoos where as before i couldn't see my tattoo (out of sight out of mind) but i just felt more and more uncomfortable with my body image and it affects how i feel every day now, it's been 3 months now, and its constantly on my mind, i'm wearing long sleeves in july, i mean.. something HAS to be done about this.

alas, whats done is done, and it's been around 2-3 months now, and i've been seriously considering removal, i went to a consultation about excision a month or two ago, and found it would cost £1000 and that wouldn't even fully remove it, so i think laser will work out a cheaper and better option…

I reckon because i am very pale and the ink is all black, and hasn't been repeatedly inked or overlapped (if that makes sense)- i should stand a good chance of full removal…

What are my chances of fully removing it looking like?
and how many sessions do you reckon this would take?

if anyone has had similar tattoos removed, please send me a link to your removal story - i'd love the inspiration.

thinking of excision a lot..

I've been doing a lot of research on laser in my areas since i originally wrote this post, and to be honest,it's making excision so much more appealing,
Excision would fully remove it from my right wrist, and mostly remove it from my left, just leaving the very tips of the I and the b, i think its just the thought of getting it out the way right off, and if the tips annoy me, then i can consider lasering them, has anyone had anything like this excised? what's the process like and healing time?

I just feel like i'm too impatient for laser- the thought of it taking 10+ sessions and having to watch it fade slowly and still seeing it there in months to come when i'm already so fed up of feeling sick daily because of my tattoos.

It would only take me till august to save enough for excision, so the thought that by august they could be gone just feels so much better than the thought of laser taking over a year.

anyway, just thinking aloud.

Set in excision

I'm definitely set in excision, it's just affording it and finding a good time to have it done. I'm almost all saved up so I'm hoping by September my wrists will be tattooless.

I plan to go to the surgeon and show him AvaLove's photos from her surgery. If he agrees that he can do a full removal, I will go with him because he is one of the best surgeons in my area. If not, I will have to travel further perhaps but it's worth it does full removal.

*i meant set on excision

Sorry haha typo

And I just noticed another typo

"It's worth it for a full removal"

It's late and I've been up since 6am - my apologies!

Booked in

Ok so I'm booked in for both wrists on the 24th of this month with V.I.P cosmetic surgery with DR Mehboob (rather funny name considering he also does breast ops)
Full price at £1000
And I should rest for one week and then slowly introduce movement and should be feeling fairly normal by week 2
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Hey:) I am almost in the same situation as you. I have a wrist/forearm tattoo on my left arm which I want to get rid of it. I don't really believe in laser removal because it is not that successful and takes so long to see some results. So I decided to get my tattoo surgically removed. Unfortunately My tattoo has the shape of a circle, so it has to be done in 2 session...are you scared of the scar? I'm sometimes worried that I will regret the scar as well but on the other hand I desperately want to get rid of this tattoo :( good luck and best wishes from Germany:)
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I think the important thing is to firstly, think about how much you hate/dislike the tattoo, and if it's worth it to you, for example I would much rather have a scar that will eventually fade with time than a tattoo, or even a faded tattoo(from laser) , but if you feel that you'd prefer your tattoo to a scar then you have your decision. The way I see it, no matter what choice I take, there will be something significant there because I made the mistake in the first place, and I can't go back now, I can only make wise decisions from now. Secondly, I think if you decide to do it, find a good surgeon, I have seen some scars which look awful because the stitching was done outside the skin, but if you find a surgeon who will stitch with dissolvable stitches like AvaLove's, then the scar tends to be much less noticable. A good surgeon would put your mind at ease too, talking you through the whole thing and giving you an idea of how it will heal. If you do to for excision, just remember that scars always keep improving with time. I look forward to seeing your progress.
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*if you do go for excision
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Very exciting! Good luck!
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Best of luck! Tha date is coming so soon! Stay positive and keep us posted!
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Best of luck!! Lol at the Mehboob! Apologies if you have already mentioned - is he going to try and get all of both tattoos out in one session?
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That's the plan hopefully. I have a consultation again with him beforehand, usually they recommend to do the one and wait a week before the other, however I can't have that much time off work so I've set things up to have the two together and my family will give me a hand with things the first few days. His plan is to remove all the ink yes, he believes he can do this no problem on the right wrist and he said he hopes to on the left but the top of the 'b' may still show - but I'm going to go in before hand for a second consultation and show him AvaLove's excision which is bigger than mine and was able to be removed in one session. Every phone conversation I have had with the clinic since, seems to point to it all being removed.
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i think once people make up their mind to get it removed and they process of removal they want to take.....it's almost a huge sigh of relief. I am going through q switch treatments switching now to picosure....and am so excited. It's a timely process but totally worth it to me! I'm ready to get this thing off my wrist!
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Hey :) glad you made a decision! :) it must be relieving! I am happy for you and hope everything will go smooth! :) good luck and will be following your journey with you ;) I myself stuck with the laser :)
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So glad you found us and that you are getting some support from our wonderful crew!! It's great you connected with AvaLove!! Here are some other links for you to check out:
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P.S. I love back pieces...what do you have on your back? Feel free to post a photo, we love to share here :)
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Sorry for the late reply. I don't have a picture of my back but I can describe it, it's a sailor jerry traditional style ship with background of sea clouds etc and then script around it saying "bless our home and it's heart so savage"
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Hey, I just responded to your comment on my post. Now that I see your tattoos and read your story there is no reason that excision shouldn't work. My tattoo was longer and wider and all of it is removed. You should go ask another surgeon. Show him my blog. It IS possible to be tattoo free on your wrists:)
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Thanks! I thought that when I saw you had all of yours removed, I thought about showing the surgeon your pictures, because he really is the best in my area which is why I wanted to go with him as oppose to another who doesn't deal with excision so much
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Good luck!!
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Hey, welcome to the site :) You might want to check this review out... http://www.realself.com/review/cincinnati-tattoo-removal-tattoo-wrong-hoping-my-tattoo-excision-right
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This was seriously so helpful thank you!
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Hey! Welcome to the community! :) I am glad you found us! Here you will find tons of support and useful information! I actually like wrist tattos abs I like yours as well. It is nice, elegant and sensible. But that's your opinion which is important. Btw, I am also removing my wrist tattoo. I am on my 3rd treatment already. You should do great. Black ink, pale skin and no-touch ups. The only thing which is against you is tattoo location. It is on the wrist and it is extremity and lymp flow is slower there. You will do great! Just stay positive and focus on final result. Have you already checked the lasers in your area? It is important to check few places and find the best one. I stopped at medical center and my removal is done by a doctor. Good luck and keep us posted!
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