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Had Arms Done - Birmingham, AL

It was a good experience. It does get hot though....

It was a good experience. It does get hot though. It took an inch off both arms after 4 sessions. Going to so my hips next.

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it's hard to tell as I've gained a little weight since then. My arms still bother me alot. I will probably have them done by a plastic surgeon and be done with it eventually. Don't expect miracles, but you may see a little improvement. I did not notice any skin tightening, unfortunately.
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Can you post photos please.... would like to see what your arms look like now. Did it take care of the loose droop??
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Now that a few months have passed do your arms still look good? I would love to have it done to my arms. I have a lot of loose skin to tighten up.
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Does it tighten the skin too?
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Hi 51559,

Wow and inch off your arms that's great! No wonder you marked it as worth it. If you get the same result with your hips you'll have a whole new body. We'd love to hear when you go in for your hips. And pictures of your arms would be awesome.

Thanks so much for the review, have a great weekend!


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