BA After Weight Loss - Best Decision I Ever Made

I had a BA because I gained and then lost 80+...

I had a BA because I gained and then lost 80+ pounds over the course of about 6 years. At the end I had at least DD skin, with maybe A cup tissue. I practically became an engineer with the various bras ect that I used to look ok in clothes. Swimsuit was impossible to hide in though.

The only con I can think of is that sometimes I feel a twitch when I pick up something, or push down on something using those muscles.

Pros- clothes shopping became so much easier. People thought I had lost more weight because I was proportional. Much more confident about my body, wearing swimsuits, work out clothes ect.


I'm glad your procedure gave you such great results! From what you describe I have very similar. I have always heard and read you would need a breast lift w/ BA to get good results from this starting point. I am going to have a procedure but am trying to decide if I should have the lift w/ BA or just BA. Do you feel your breasts are still somewhat saggy or are they as "perky" as you'd hoped? I appreciate any more info it's quite a bit of extra money to do the lift, but quite a bit wasted if the BA results aren't good.
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Dr. Ben Johnson

Outside of the fantastic work, (almost no one has been able to tell just by looking at me, even in a swim suit that I had a BA) he is a very caring Dr., really cares about you as a patient, not as a paycheck. He does not recommend procedures you do not need or will not give you the results you want.

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