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I'm 24 and have a four year old and 2 year old...

I'm 24 and have a four year old and 2 year old twins! I got married right out of high school after my first year of college and with my oldest I had a csection, pumped and my body went right back to its good ole self with a few pounds added. With my ex husband going thru deployments and then getting pregnant with twins things took a turn. I was on bed rest the final month, I gained so much weight it was crazy. Once I had the twins, I was stuck alone with three young kids to take care of by myself. I was snacking on anything I could at anytime to just keep going. When me and my ex started having trouble after his second tour, the weight started coming fast. I gained at least 20 pounds. I was already at 180. When we finally separated I was over 200. I've tried exercising, but then it seems I'm so un excited about things I lose hope. I now live with my aunt and work part time. But I want this so bad, something for my new start. I want to feel young, instead of like a old lady. I want a new body for my new start. All my friends are looking for bathing suits for summer, and I'm looking for shirts that won't show my rolls on top of my jeans. I have a free consultation to speak with a doctor about my options. I'm looking to one day get a breast lift and tummy tuck, let's hope I can one day!

Thanks for the encouragement pghgal! I'm already exercising and eating healthier. It's just keeping my focus. To lose weight!
You will get there! My daughter is now 5 and I finally saved enough money.

I went from 135 to 203 so fast so I can sympathize with you and how you feel. Start the journey now, start eating better, watching portions, follow the serving sizes.. the first 2 weeks are rough and then you get used to the amount of food you eat. I started using an elliptical and tracking my calories making sure I ate 1200 cals per day and not much over. The julian michaels 30 day shred IS AWESOME!! And it's only 9.99 at Target. I also use which is free, and has an app on your phone that you can use to scan barcodes.

I lost 50 lbs since November and I am rewarding myself by going through with the tummy tuck.

You will be able to do it!!! And you will get that tummy tuck girl!!!
Message me for workout tips etc. I don't mind. I love to help! :)
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