44 yrs. old and a mother of two fantastic children - 8 weeks PO - Birmingham, AL

I am 44 yrs. old and a mother of two fantastic...

I am 44 yrs. old and a mother of two fantastic children...who are adults now. Most of my life I had an overactive metabolism and was underweight. After having my 2 children, my metabolism turned traitorous and hit the road. I only wish SOME of it would have gotten left behind. Because I was so tiny before getting pregnant (103 lbs.) and gained so much (166 lbs.), my abdominal muscles got stretched to the limit. My stomach, no matter how much I exercise, refuses to go away. I have struggled for the last 10 years to get rid of this belly. I find it really depressing to see myself in the mirror. So, I have decided to finally get a TT. Well, my husband being the awesome man he is, told me if I want this, he is going to make it happen for me. We have a vacation in Europe coming up next summer and I would love to look and feel great for it! And, since my children are grown and on their own, it's time for me to do something for myself. ;-)
My surgery is scheduled for December 10. I go in Nov. 29 for post-op test, blood work, and instructions. I am getting REALLY nervous. I have NEVER liked getting any kind of surgery. But, I am confident in my choice of a Plastic Surgeon and look forward to this being over with.
I have been reading a lot of your reviews over the last few months. Because of your stories, I feel like I have a great support group! I am already starting to plan my "recovery space." You all have ben VERY helpful with what I may experience during recovery and the things I need to take care of before surgery.
I will post pictures later. I am still working on losing some more weight before my surgery.

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Today I got a reminder from my PS that my pre-op...

Today I got a reminder from my PS that my pre-op appointment is Nov. 29. It all seems to be going fast now. I am still excited and nervous at the same time. I have also started a list of things to ask my PS at the appointment. Thanks to you all for posting things that you had questions/concerns about, I now have a list for him to answer. I still have not taken any pictures, but I plan to this week. I have been dieting for a while, and I think now I need to stop and let my body get into a "normal" mode, if that makes sense. What do you all think? Is it better to diet all the way to the "D-day," or stop a few weeks before?

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I forgot to post that this is my Christmas present...

I forgot to post that this is my Christmas present to myself!! All I want for Christmas for myself is a flat belly, and to be healthy!!


Ooh I recommend letting your body do what it does naturally. Stop dieting and trying to lose more. You don't want to gain it back if you couldn't maintain the loss. My PS prescribed weight loss after the procedure :)
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Thank you for your input. I called my PS office today and asked them too, they told me basically the same thing. SO glad to have "permission" to stop dieting! :-)
Keep me posted! Can't wait to follow your results !
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After speaking with my PS office manager, I have...

After speaking with my PS office manager, I have decided to change my mind and see him one more time before my surgery. I was just going to see him the day of the surgery, but I have gained about 5 lbs since he first saw me. I just want him to look again to see if everything is still good, and to see if there is any other procedure he wants to do at that time. I had considered having lipo on my arms, but I'd like him opinion a few weeks before surgery, so I can make a decision without being rushed. I will see him on Nov. 28. I am going armed with all my questions that I have written down....it is such a loooooooong list! ;-)
I have finally told one of my friends about my procedure (TT). It feels so good knowing someone, besides my husband, is being supportive of it all. I guess we all need to have someone in our lives that truly does wish us nothing but happiness, and will support us.
I still haven't posted the "Before" pictures yet, but am hoping to get them up next week.
I love reading all of your stories, and am sending positive thoughts and energy to each of you! Happy Journey!!!!!!

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I finally decided to post my "before" pictures. I...

I finally decided to post my "before" pictures. I was a little scared to show them, but you all have showed me I have nothing to be scared of. It has hit me that I have less than 3 weeks to go....YIKES! I'm getting more nervous now. I need to get everything together!! I guess I am lucky in that my kids are grown, and that I don't have anyone to take of, so I can re-cooperate afterwards at leisure. My husband says he is going to take care of me...so this makes me a bit nervous!! J/K he is going to do great! Is anyone else NOT telling others about your TT? I have told very few people. I think I will be more forthcoming with it afterward, but not now. I usually do not care what people think of me, but this is something I'd rather keep quite until later. I've read a lot of peoples stories, and some have mentioned "dog ears." WHAT IS THAT? Happy Journey!!


Hi there im having my TT on dec 12th and I have only told 4 people, like you I may share later but not now.
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Hi fedup68! How are you dong? Our dates are coming up FAST!!!
So excited and scared all at the same time!!!!!! Can't wait.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!! I hope all of you...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!! I hope all of you that are on the "Flat Side" are recovering nicely! And, all of you that are, like me, anxiously waiting to make it to that side, are all having a great day!!! I'm Thankful for this site!!!!


Scheduled the same date as you! You go girl, we can do this!!!
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Thank you! Yes, we can!!! :-)

Hello everyone! I have been so busy this past...

Hello everyone! I have been so busy this past week, that I haven't had time to think about my "T-Day." Now that I have realized that it is just two weeks away from today, I am FREAKING OUT! I still have so much to do before surgery! I love that my husband is so supportive of me and this surgery. I could not have been able to so this without him. He is definitely a keeper!!!! We put up our Christmas tree this past weekend. I'm so glad that I will be in the room with it during my recovery. I Love a Christmas tree lit up! I go to the PS Wednesday for one last "visit," pre-admit test and blood work. I am going with my list of questions (thank to you all for helping me with those!!) I am soooooo excited to be on the "Flat Side," but I am not looking forward to all the pain, or the big scar that will be forever with me. But, I guess we all have to give up something to have what we want. I am still inspired by all of your stories and look forward to keeping up with all of your journeys!! After reading some today, I have realized I am in no way prepared as I thought I was. I now have to check expiration dates on food, get my meds in advance, and prepare some meals and freeze them before surgery. My husband will be more than happy to cook, but I want everything to go smoothly, so I will make everything nice for him too.Any tips on meals I can cook, freeze, and it still taste good? Happy Journey!!


On my list of questions I have How long and high will scar be (as I'm having the vertical T). What extent is the muscle repair? How often and for long after do I walk. What can I use for back pain afterwards . Any more I have forgotten?
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I have those and a few more. Such as: What the heck are dog ears, and will you fix them if I get them. Binder/no binder, list of meds, diet, exercise, drains/or not, what kind of stitches is he going to do, when are the check ups...I my have lots more when I get there, LOL
Good ones - I know I'm having drains and the stitches are dissolvable so I don't have to worry about that def having a binder for 6 weeks 24/7

Whew! I went to my PS yesterday, and I am feeling...

Whew! I went to my PS yesterday, and I am feeling soooo much better about the surgery. He was very nice and patient with me and went over ALL my questions that I had. I felt like I may have had a few "crazy" questions, but he said "no, they are good questions." I also told him about this site and how helpful it has been for me. He agreed. I am really glad that I found this site, it has helped me so much in the understanding and expectations of a TT. I am now both emotionally and physically ready for this. Now I need to get everything bought/cleaned/prepared, and organized for my recovery. So, just 12 more days to the "flat side" for me. I am looking forward to following all of your journey's as well.


How exciting!!! Glad it all went well I have my pre op today. It's getting closer!!!
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We are scheduled on the same date, so its 11 days left!! (if you don't count today) :))))
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Im glad your pre-ops went well. I did some cooking as well, made spaghetti sauce, meat pies, chilli, etc. My mom will be taking care of me and the kids (and my boyfriend hehe) but I just want to give her a hand as she will be busy with other things I am sure. We don't want to give too much to do to people helping us, so they don't think we are asking them too much :) Im ready too and super excited. Just can't imagine not having a tummy like this anymore. They say we have to suffer to be pretty, i guess it definately applies to us, tummy tuckers! Think of how good we will look when putting up jeans, with no muffin top, nothing hanging out..there is a long way to recovery but I believe it is so much worth it!!! 11 days to go for me, yay!!!
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I can't believe in just one week from today I will...

I can't believe in just one week from today I will be on the "flat side." I've got a LOT together and will get the rest this weekend. I want to be able to come home next Tuesday to a well prepared house. EXCITED!!!


It is sooooo happening soon!!!! its weird, but now that I know my belly will disapeared, I am so bothered by it! Its like I want to be gone now! I think my mind is already set up for not having this fat hanging anymore. It seems like it has gotten bigger the last few weeks, or maybe its just me. Looking forward to OUR big day!!!! Keep in touch.
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It's exciting but I wish my energy levels were better. I just feel tired and lethargic.
It's a good feeling when the countdown goes from weeks to days isn't it!!
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I am less than 24 hours from the "flat side!" I...

I am less than 24 hours from the "flat side!" I have so many emotions right now, that my stomach is turning over. I HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT look on YouTube at the TT procedure. I thought I was going to pass out and throw up. I normally have a strong constitution when it comes to that stuff, but I guess since I knew that was going to happen to me, I lost it! I have not changed my mind about doing it though. I am still determined to get on that 'flat side" and get into the best shape of my life. I wish now that I would have talked to my PS about lipo too....get it all done at once and get it over with!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do not get sick. There are so many people in this area with the flu right now. We went to a Christmas party last night and most of the spouses were absent with either the flu, or home with sick kids. Maybe the alcohol I drank will keep it at bay?!?! ha

I have my house clean, my goody basket ready for my chair area, clean sheets and bathrooms, books, magazines, Christmas cards (to be filled out), lotions, chargers, and tv remotes all ready for my recovery. Anything else I may have forgotten, or missed, my husband will get for me. He is such an awesome man!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my husband!!!! I just wanted to make this all easier on him as well as on myself. He is already taking care of me by going out to get me some breakfast this morning.

I will post as soon as I can after surgery. I know how I love it when others do so.

To all my TT buddies Good luck, happy healing, and Happy Journey!!!


Hope you are ok. I know i am...and i know tmrw might be worst but i m very surprised so far. No pain at all!
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just wanted to touch base again. hope your OK. Thinking of you all day today ! Take care honey. Suzi XX
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Good Luck today!!!!
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I made it to the flat side!! In a lot of pain and...

I made it to the flat side!! In a lot of pain and very groggy from all the meds. My PS just left. He said everything went great!! Thank you all for your messages and kind words. I will write more when I can see straight. Ha happy journey!!!

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I wanted to do an update for you all. I am still...

I wanted to do an update for you all. I am still on the recliner, but I'm getting better every day. My husband helps me in and out of the recliner, and helps me walk. I'm still walking at an incline, but that is normal. I still haven't seen my results. The doctor has me on strict orders not to take the bonding off. He takes it off and removes the tubes next Wednesday. My husband has been awesome with everything!!! I'm still loopy with the meds, so I'll update again soon. For those if you who have had their surgery's this week, welcome to the flat side!!! To those who are still waiting, your time is coming! Happy Journey everyone!!!


Glad you made it! Get some rest and will chat soon :) XXX
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Good morning everyone! I hope you all are doing...

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are doing great!! I am a bit better today. Still very sore, but it's manageable today. I also walked to the bathroom and back to the recliner be myself earlier, so wahoo for me!!!!! My PS nurse told me yesterday to get up and walk to the bathroom, or any other room, every 2-3 hours to prevent pneumonia from setting in. so I am trying to do that. I am more alert today. And, to make a correction; my PS is taking off the BINDER and tubes next Wednesday, not bonding! haha I don't know if I typed that or if my spell correct on my iphone did it. I am looking forward to Wednesday as I do not see any difference. My Vay Jay Jay hurts like heck when I get up. All the blood is pushed down there when I stand up. My PS told me it would get swollen and turn red/purple/blue. so I am not fretful about it. No BM yet, and have been taking my stool softeners, so I hope to have "activity" soon in that department.
All in all, I am feeling better today. Each day sees improvement. I love hearing from you all. I don't think I could have done all of this without my husband and all of you!!!!!!! You all have been a rock for me to lean on! Thank you. Happy Journey!!


How are you doing today TT buddy? getting easier to move around ?
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Hi! I'm better today, but I wish I could just have a BM!!! I stopped taking my pain meds around 4 this morning in hopes of having one. I even took some Milk of Magnesia, nothing. So, I'm bloated and uncomfortable. My husband took some at the same time, and he informed me that it worked wonders for him...grrr! Lol I'm glad you are doing better today! I'm looking forward to a shower!! Continue happy healing my friend!
No BM for me too. Took 2 Senokot, chia grains and prune juice. Should we be worried??? It must start to pack up a bit in there no? Have you eaten light so far ? I had my first real meal yesterday but nothing as of yet.
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Houston we have "Touch down!!" (TMI I know) I was...

Houston we have "Touch down!!" (TMI I know) I was truly getting worried...and backed up! lol I've moved to Tylenol, although I am still having a lot of pain in the top left side of my vay jay jay.. Does anyone else have this pain. It happens when I walk and when I first sit down. I still only walk from the bathroom and back to my recliner. I thought I should have progressed more by now, but then it's only been 5 days since having surgery, so I'm not going to push myself. Everyone heals at different "speeds." My binder is still my biggest complaint.. I can't take deep breaths yet, but I know I would be in so much more pain if I didn't have it on. I am looking forward to seeing all of it Wednesday. My drains have been doing good. It's more "clear" than anything, and each time we empty them, it's less and less. So, Wahoo!! I'm now getting the "itchy/tingly" feeling. It drives me crazy because I can't itch it through the binder!! I guess that IS a good thing that I can't!
I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO WASHING MY HAIR!!!!! I tried the "Dry Shampoo" yesterday...now my hair stinks of the product, and looks greasy!!
My husband has been awesome in all of this. He asks me everyday if I have gotten on here yet. He knows how much this site helps me. Not just with answers to some of my questions, but because I "talk" with others who are also going through this. I am so grateful for each one of my TT sisters!!!!!! Happy Journey!


Hahah i hear you sister, its a blessing to go number 2, i did it again this morning and felt awesome!!!! I felt i had packed up 10 pounds of sh...and just released half of it!!! No need to rush lady, our bodies just have different ways of responding. As for the pain down there, no i dont have it. But my skin is kind of orange, from the bruising i think. I can no longer sleep on my side though. Felt dizzy yesterday night and again this morning, dont know why. Walking much straighter. Everyday gets better :)
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I haven't posted in a few days. I took a turn for...

I haven't posted in a few days. I took a turn for the worst. I woke up the other night with stabbing pain under my shoulder blade. I couldn't breath hardly at all. It was so bad that I had my husband take me up to the ER. By the time we got to the ER the pain had subsided. So, we came home. I scared the hell out of me!!!! The next morning the pain was still there, but dull, so I called my PS office. I told his nurse what was going on, she told me it was most likely the anesthesia, but she would talk to the doctor (who was in surgery). She called me back and told me he wanted me to go get checked out, to make sure it wasn't pneumonia or an aneurysm. OK, SCARED!!!! Had my husband take me to the ER, had xrays, and sent home with a diagnosis of "pulled muscles."
They had me take a pain pill while I was there, and then they gave my a muscle relaxer before I left. Got home and with the hour had the worst pain EVER!!!! (Mind you I had a pain pill AND a strong muscle relaxer in my system). OMG! I was hurting!!! My husband helped me into different positions to try and make the pain go away...NOTHING worked. Finally the pain eased, somewhat, and I slept for a few hours. This had been happening to me ever since every two-three hours. I have found some relief when I raised my arms above my head to breath better, but the pain continued. I've been sitting on one of my dinning room chairs all morning, and it has eased significantly. I heard of doing "Wall Angels" on one of the ladies pages on here, but can't remember what they were for. Has anyone else had this pain?? If so PLEASE tell me how you got it to go away, and stay away!!! And if you know what the "Wall Angels" help do, I would like to know (again).

I hope this doesn't discourage anyone from getting the TT. Because even though I was full of regret yesterday, I know that this too shall pass. It is just a set back.

I hope you all are doing well, and are healing nicely!!!!!! Happy Journey!


I hope you are ok :) XXX Can't wait to see pictures of your new tummy !
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I have had shoulder/ran pain too but not as bad as you. I keep getting told its from the surgery or referred pain, it is easing now. Take care I hope you feel better soon
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If you are just having shoulder pain, it could be gas. I know it sounds funny but gas pains following an abdominal surgery such as a c-section always settle in the shoulder. I am an OB nurse and most of our C-section patients complain of shoulder pain. We tell them to try and move more often and to take Mylicon which is an anti gas pill that can be purchased over the counter. Just thought I would share this info with you.

Sorry it has been a long time since I last posted....

Sorry it has been a long time since I last posted. I was in the hospital because I had blood clots in my lungs. I spent 5 days in ICU, and have been in a regular room for 3 days. Looooong story short, I am okay now, but will need to be on blood thinners for the next 6 months. I guess I was one of the rare people this happens to. Although, I am quite upset that it took 3 trips to the ER before someone caught this. I have been reading some of your updates the last few days and I am so happy that you all are recovering nicely!!!! I hope the rest of my recovery goes a LOT smoother!!! My PS says my stomach looks great, so at leat that is a positive thing. I've had some negativity from some "friends" about having a TT, but this is MY business!! But anyway, my husband has been right beside me through it all, and has taken good care of me. I'm a lucky woman, in more than one way!! I'm greatfull to be alive, and for all my friend and family that have been there for me. Happy healing everyone, and Happy Journey!!


Hope you are ok. We haven't heard from you for a while. Keep up updated. Im often thinking about you XXX
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Thanks for checking in with me. I am doing so much better. I am out of the hospital and on the mend. I am so impressed with your results!!! You look great! I am hoping to get some pictures up in the next few days. Take care!!
Oh my darling, I have just got around to reading up and catching up on my buddies recoveries and came across your horrendous storey. I am so sorry to hear that you went through this, bless your heart. I hope you are feeling soo much better now. Take real good care of yourself... Hugs my friend. Suzi XX
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Hello ladies!! I finally uploaded a new picture. (...

Hello ladies!! I finally uploaded a new picture. ( I blurred out my vah jay jay! lol) I am finally seeing a difference in my before and after photos. Because I was in the hospital for two weeks, I feel that I am a few weeks behind in the healing process. My PS says everything looks great! So, I am very happy to hear that. I am also on the mend from the pulmonary embolisms that put me in the hospital for those two weeks. For those ladies getting ready for your TT, make sure to get up and walk every 1-2 hours!!! AND, if you start feeling stabbing pains in your back, under your shoulder blades: GO TO THE ER AND GET CHECKED FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress that enough!! Although that happened to me, I must say, now that I see such a difference in my tummy, I'm glad I did this. I just wish that the bad stuff hadn't of happened! I am starting back to work next week, but am taking it slow. My doctor really wanted me to take another week, but told me to go to how I am feeling. I am still so grateful for this site, it has really helped me with all the emotions that go along with this procedure!
Let me know how you think my tummy looks. The scar is bigger than I thought it would be, but it is healing nicely. The drain sites are almost healed as well, as you can see in the photo. My drains were in different places than most of yours. And, I never had a problem with them either. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how you think my results look now!! Happy Healing and Happy Journey to you all!!!!!!


So glad you are feeling better. Your scar looks the same as mine except I'm still having a bit of trouble at T join. Doesn't want to heal. Do you have to wear tape on your still or are using cream? Your tummy looks great from the side x
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You look amazing! Sorry about your ordeal and glad you are ok! Great advice to women who have stabbing pain in back, I would have never thought that would be related to blood clots.
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Thank you. On the back pain: neither did I, but that what my symptoms where, along with extrem difficulty in breathing. Happy healing!

Hello Ladies! I wanted to post my 4 week photos. I...

Hello Ladies! I wanted to post my 4 week photos. I think I am still swollen, at least I hope so, because I still can't get into my pre-surgery clothes. ha I did manage to get into a pair of jeans earlier, but it lasted a whole 15 minutes before my stomach said "NO WAY!!!" ha So, back to my yoga pants....which are sooooo much more comfortable anyway! BUt, I am looking GREAT in some shirts that didn't look so good before! (Doing a happy dance!!) I am finally seeing a difference in my tummy. I guess the past few weeks in the hospital put me a few weeks behind in the recovery process. I have heard (on here) that if you put a ear plug in the belly button, it makes it more round. Thoughts on this?!?! I am going to call and ask my PS tomorrow if he thinks I can do it. I was supposed to start back to work tomorrow, but I am going to listen to my doctor and take the week off. I haven't been out of the hospital a week yet. I thought I was going to feel like I could do it, but after just going to the store earlier by myself, I see now that I cannot do it yet. I was so exhausted!!! My stomach and BB are still numb. Is that normal after 4 weeks? Please give me your thoughts. Happy Healing and Happy Journey my friends!!


hello matey, you have been through the wars havent you. but... you is looking might fine. Once all that healing has finished you are going to look hot. I saw my Ps last night and asked him about ear plug in belly button and he said the same thing as slomeone else has mentioned below- its a dead giveaway that you have had a tummy tuck if you have a perfectly round deep bb. Natural heal is the best, tear drop normal. If it looks like it is going to turn into a "outy" then you can consider ear plug one day in one day out but as a general rule, he doesn't advocate them. Do you think wearing a binder really really tight straight after surgery might have contributed to your blood clots combined with the inactivity, it just makes me wonder when ladies cannot expand their lungs fully whether this encourages the formation of clots; you were so very unlucky for this to happen to you. but I am so pleased that you are now on the mend. good idea for you to take another week off. Take care. Suzi
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Thank you Suzi! And, yes! I feel like I have been through a war! ha...Thank you for the info on the ear plugs. I tried to get one in today, and it just wasn't happening. I am still numb around the BB and I don't want to stretch it or anything, because I wouldn't be able to tell if it hurt or not. AND I AM DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO CAUSE ANY MORE PAIN OR DAMAGE TO MY SELF!!!! LOL... You may be right about the tight binder plus the inactivity causing the blood clots. I may never know. I just hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. I wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemy! And, THAT'S saying a LOT! hahaha.... What part of England are you from? My husband and I are headed across the "big pond" this summer. Our original travel plans have changed due to my health, and now he is taking me back to my FAVORITE country! You can private message me if you don't want to put it on here. Happy healing my friend!
Love...not "live" my teardrop BB. Darn typo :(
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Before my TT I mostly ONLY wore black, because of...

Before my TT I mostly ONLY wore black, because of it's "thinning" ability. I put on an old shirt that I have had put away for the longest time because of the way it looked on me. Today, after trying on some other shirts I have not worn in a loooong time as well, I got it out and it looked fantastic on me!!!!!!!!!!! SO, goodbye black, hello colors!!!!!!!!!


Oh I am still very numb too. I have the impression this sensation won't go away, its weird. I totally hear you about the colors my friend, its a true reflection of what we feel like too :) ENJOY!
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Enjoy brightening up your wardrobe x
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That's wonderful! I have a renewed love of color now too. I can't wait to go shopping for new low rise jeans.
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Hello Ladies! I hope you are doing good!!! I went...

Hello Ladies! I hope you are doing good!!! I went to my PS Wednesday, and he said I am doing GREAT. He was actually surprised at how well my scar looks. He said what ever I was doing to keep it up, because it's the best he has ever seen at 6 weeks. I'm really not doing anything but massaging it a lot. I'm not using anything but the scar cream on it too. I am still numb in the center of my tummy, from my bellybutton down. And, I still m having pain and muscle spasms. He said that was normal as well, especially after the major muscle repair he did on me. He said my muscles were stretched out about 4-5 inches, so I will probably have the numbness and pain for another month or so.
I'm also supposed to start watching my weight, and so he told me I can start exercising now. I was a little worried about what I can and can't do, and he told me I can do anything I want because I couldn't hurt anything now, but I will be sore and/or in a lot of pain if I over do it. I'm still on the Coumadin, and will be for 6 months. And, now they are worried about some other issues that my blood work has shown, so I will be dealing with that stuff now. I am sooooo tired of being stuck with needles!!!!!!!!!!
I am also back at work now. The first week was really rough, especially with the swelling. But, this week has been great, almost like I'm almost back to normal. I wear my spanx during the day and my binder at night. I guess I'm not yet ready to get rid of them. My doctor suggested to start wearing a girdle. Has anyone else worn a girdle? If so, how is it working out for you? Happy healing ladies, and Happy Journey to you al!


Hi Aralyn Im having those muscle twinges and aches still too. My MR was 4 inches and I think we are just going to take a little more time. They still flex on me in the mornings and when exercising they feel weak and that they could get hurt with one wrong move. Patience I suppose =) Im sorry you have to go through all the needles =( A CG pinches your sides in and spanx flatten your front so I could see how a girdle may do both. Where did you find one?
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Thank you Melisrw78. I still haven't bought one. I was thinking Victoria Secret, but I'm not sure yet. I am still relying on my binder soooo much. I just feel better with it on. I HATED it in the beginning!
I know I'm so attached to my binder lol

Happy February to you all!! I am 8 weeks PO today...

Happy February to you all!! I am 8 weeks PO today and I am starting my diet and my exercising today. I think I over did it this weekend cleaning. I measured my self yesterday morning and was very happy with the results. Then last night remeasured and was swollen so bad it was 2 inches more. Is anyone else still swelling that bad? I am still numb in the center of my stomach as well. I am a little upset because I still don't have any curves, I hope it is because I am still swollen. I just don't believe that I can still be that swollen though. Are any of you experiencing no curves too? I know I have a long time before healing is complete, but I won't lie, I am so ready to just be done with the healing process!
I still am only fitting into one pair of jeans that I wore before the surgery (and that is because they stretch). Shouldn't I by now be able to wear pre-surgery clothes?!?! I am getting so discouraged! :( I hope after starting this diet and exercising again will change all that!!!
Happy healing and Happy Journey to you all.


Thanks for sharing your story. I live in Birmingham also. I would live to see some updated pictures.
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You should post new pics :)
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I am planning to do a update in a few weeks. Hopefully by then I'll have lost some more weight!
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