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I am a mom of 2 sweet boys 4 and 2 years old and I...

I am a mom of 2 sweet boys 4 and 2 years old and I am 4'9 and 120. All my life I have been athletic and Cheered and did gymnastics. My weight ranged from 95-100lbs . I have always been Big busted especially for my size and hated it because I could never find tops that fit right especially since I am so short! But after having two pregnancies and two c sections and nursing two little ones my breast were a 32 F and my stomach was left with lots of extra skin and stretch marks. With working out and weight down to 105 I still looked 4 months pregnant from my muscles being torn and then I gave up and gained 20 lbs so I was at my heaviest and none of my clothes fit I decided to go see my PS. Leading up to surgery I was so nervous and the first week was a little rough but now at 10 days out I am so happy and can't wait for it to get better and better and get back in the gym! I am now a 36 C and all my stretch marks are gone !!! Worth every penny!

Thanks for sharing your story....wondering if you had a breast reduction with lift?? I think I need a reduction/lift but also want to fill out a bit on top....will you provide another update shortly??

You're not short, you're fun-sized! :0) Thanks so much for sharing your experience so far. Please keep us updated as you continue to heal. You're looking great!

Hi and thanks for sharing , I underwent a mummy make over about 9 weeks ago, and just loving the new me. It can be a process in recovery but just keep in mind your body will need a bit of time to repair after major surgery. Don't rush getting back into it, I know it can be a bit hard especially if you are used to be active, but listen to your body and your surgeon, as I started back at boxing at six weeks and feel a bit of a twang now in my tummy so have to slow up a little. Enjoy the new you, and well done for taking the plunge.... Not an easy thing to do :-)
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