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I have met with doctor , she is board certified...

I have met with doctor , she is board certified and a very friendly staff , my only concern does it really work ?? I'm a single mom of 3 and have saved for 3 years to have it done !!! I'm 5"1 and weigh 102 but after 3 c-sections I wanna my stomach tighter , I have no stretch marks I'm super excited but very nervous , please help ???

I have wanting to do the smart lipo for a year now...

I have wanting to do the smart lipo for a year now , after meeting with several surgeons I have found the one I will use , I'm 5"1 105 and a 43 female that has had 3 C- sections , but no matter how hard I work out I can get my belly tight , can I please get some info ?? I had my consultation but being a single mom I don't want to spend that much if doesn't work , I'm very confused and a little Anxious , any feedback would be very helpful , thanks so much !!!

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Here is a link to the other Smart Lipo reviews. It might be beneficial for you to take a look through the reviews and read some of the stories written by other members. The Smart Lipo procedure has a 78% Worth It rating on RealSelf, which means that 78% of the people who have reviewed their procedure, thought that it was worth going through with.

I hope this helps.

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I have seen work she has done and very impressed !!!

Updated on 21 Jan 2013:
I have seen some her work

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