Tummy tuck worth it! Droopy boobie Implants now explanted. Lift first for best results.

FINALLY! After much internal debate, I decided it...

FINALLY! After much internal debate, I decided it was time to look the way I feel. I am 43, 5 ft 8 in, 175lbs. I have five, yes 5 children. Two are grown(ish) ages 23 and 21. Then, I have three little ones ages 5, 3 and 1. I am a yoga teacher and have spent the last year agonizing over this decision. Mostly, what other "yogis" would think. After having one of the "girls" pop out of my top in hot yoga and my belly skin (about 5lbs doc says) fall out of my cute lululemon pants in handstand in another class....well I decided I just can't be effective teaching if every thought is of a wardrobe malfunction. That is certainly not "being present" as we say in yoga.

Moving to a different state and new town over the holidays prompted me to put a plan into action. Mommy makeover here I come. Full TT, breast lift with augmentation and smart liposuction (neck, flanks, I&O thighs). Both nervous and excited! Husband is supportive. I have MIL coming for two weeks to help with children.

I love your story. It's fascinating hearing it from a yoga teacher's perspective. Smart to have your MIL come while you recover. That will be SO helpful. Thank you for finding us and starting your story here. Keep us posted as you  get closer to the big day!


My surgery is February 22, 2012. 10 days away. I...

My surgery is February 22, 2012. 10 days away. I haven't slept well most of the last week due to obsessing over what size implants to use. I am a C- now. At my normal weight 155(ish) I am a B+. I want a full natural looking C. I have decided on 225cc.
Does anyone have any input on this? In addition to teaching yoga, I run and participate in triathlons. I don't want the the girls getting in the way. I would like to be able to wear my before mentioned (and loved) Lululemon tops without an extra bra for low impact activities.
Also, my PS prescribes Lortab, Phenagren, and Ambien after surgeries. Don't I need MORE? Percocet? I scared of the pain and getting behind the pain.
Off to be mommy...thanks to all who post their stories I have been reading this site for months.
I'd ask your ps. I have had car wreck victims and such lay there with permission from their doc. I had a head injury once ( never do monkey bars after 40!) I just laid in other people's classes. I'm on the fence.
I better ask for some heavier drugs a friend had a hip replacement and took that nucynta and she said it didn't help at all. I was wondering about going back to hot yoga and laying there for the 90 minutes just to sweat out the crap that will be in us, I guess it would be sort of embarrassing laying there, but I figure I am paid and maybe that would help get the swelling down, what do you think? DO you think it is safe to get that hot after surgery? I guess it would depend on the drains and if I can get down on the floor and back up, LOL
One week. And no way in hell am I dusting the baseboards! LOL

So six more wake ups. Harder and harder to get a...

So six more wake ups. Harder and harder to get a good nights sleep. Excitement I think, peppered with nervousness.
Experiencing some sadness over not being able to snuggle with the kiddos. They wake up in the morning so sweet....it's 4pm that's the witching hour in our house. "when the heck is daddy coming home?".
So concerns I have today mostly surround my MIL coming to take care of the kids for 2 weeks. I know which is very nice of her. She is a perfect grandma. I hate complaining but I'm trying to be real.
1) will I speak the truth while on pain pills and around my MIL. Like "do you ever shut up?", "how the heck are you always happy". I swear she wakes up at 530am and if she was a bird she would be singing. No joke. Great for 3 days but, really?
2) how to once again be direct and yet "nice" with specifics of food for the children. And yes, I have stocked up the essentials. This wasn't once a concern when we lived a long plane ride away, however now that we are 2 1/2 hour drive we see them once a month. Crappy eating 4 days a month for a kid is the equivalent of an adult eating crap for a month. They eat normal food. We just try to stay away from pesticides, trans fat and growth hormone. There are reasons, and no I'm not real "granola" but in my life before being a stay at home mom(and 3 kids in 4 years) I was a chemist. Did studies on many of these items....anyway I am picky.
3) again keeping it real, I know I'm creating some bad karma for saying these ugly things about her...she dresses my kids like rug rats. Again not joking. We don't dress fancy but I like them to match. Wear their own clothes. Last time my 3 year old girl had on her baby brothers (size 18 month) paint shirt. And yes, I let my daughter pick out her clothes and had them matched up before she came.
All these things are for only two weeks but my concern is that on narcotics I will say something not very nice. So in the wider view of all things these are small when compared to DEATH, blood clots, pain, and mobility. I just needed to type them out.
Concerns specific to today...not related to MIL.
1)I have my clearance mammogram. I hope it's normal.
2) I teach my last yoga class tonight for 6 weeks. I recently moved here over the holidays. I have an at home studio, I can hold 15. Doing this has made me feel connected in this time of transition. Given me something and people to look forward to in a sea of unrecognizable faces In a new town and state. I also teach at a fitness club but that is different, I don't feel as "close". I am concerned I will be lonely. ALONE.
3) That I won't be happy with the results.
4) I will gain all of my baby weight back sitting around for 6 weeks. Weighed 171 this morning. 25 lbs lost since December 8th. 15 lbs to goal. 6 more to lose (fingers crossed) in the next 6 days.
5) That I will after this want perfection....face lift, thigh lift, butt work.
6) Going to attempt to post pics today. Hubby asked me specially not to post naked pics on the Internet. He has a job where it's not a good idea. Nervous at being dishonest with him. I don't lie.
7) that I will never get my house clean as I spend all my time on this site.
Just keepin' it real. As they say here in 'Bama.
Love and hugs:)

Pictures up. Geezzzzzz the lateral ones don't lie...

Pictures up. Geezzzzzz the lateral ones don't lie do they? Wow.

You're getting so close! I'm loving this thread about whole foods and losing weight. You should start a discussion in the forums about it. I'm sure lots of other ladies would be interested!

I do try to eat organic and have been paying way more attention to eating whole foods. There is a new party thing, like pampered chef called Wild Tree Herbs, the lady created it cause she had a child with food allergies and one with diabetes, I love their things, they are in the process of getting certified organic. I had a massive clean out, I am ashamed to admit that many of the low carb products I ate were full of chemicals and soy which I avoid. The foods and seasonings and stuff that contain ethoxyquin, that is banned and Europe and used in many foods here. And silicone dioxide, OMG no wonder I got fat and kids are fat the stuff that goes in our guts, it is horrifying, and why people are so much sicker than say my Gram who is 90 and grew up on a farm eating whole foods! My son is 10 I made him pull out all his snacks and write down ingredients, and look them up, he was shocked! I tell him if you cant hunt it, grow it or fish it, it probably isnt worth eating! I do love meat, but I am lucky I am in farm country here and have lots of Amish farms with grass fed beef and free range chicken and eggs, and raw milk. Totally get you,so can relate, love talking about this with others that dont think I am a freak!!!! and I will order that book for recovery! Losing 150 pounds I have had much research and insight into many foods and the reasons we get fat, if you never read Gary Taubes, Why We Get Fat that is a good read, very technical and medical but an awesome book.
Yeah the authors of skinny bitch say Atkns wont make you lose weight, LOL I lost 150 pounds with that, LOL I do want to read it so I will have to check it out!

Weight 170 today, yeah! MIL comes in tomorrow...

Weight 170 today, yeah!
MIL comes in tomorrow midday. Hubby and I are going out for date tomorrow evening.
House is clean. Laundry done.
Can't wait for Wednesday. I am excited. Anxious for the day but right now not nervous.
I still have a few things to get. I can't seem to find a toilet riser.
I am planning to have mostly liquids on Monday and Tuesday since going to the bathroom was really hard for me after a previous abdominal surgery. Started taking a stool softener as well.
You are going to look fantastic! There is another lady on here who just underwent a makeover with Dr Hedden. Enjoy your date night!!
Hi there, yoga! Feb 22nd is just around the corner - it sounds like you are very well prepared. You'll be fine!

No surgery for me on Wednesday 2/22/12. My...

No surgery for me on Wednesday 2/22/12. My mammogram was not clear. Density in my left breast. Sonogram and biopsy. I'll update when I know more. Love to all:)
Thinking about you today ~ sending good vibes :)
I hope that everything is ok with your mammogram. Rooollll Tide!!

Rescheduled date April 4th. That is so far away!...

Rescheduled date April 4th. That is so far away! Hoping they get a cancellation.
I really enjoyed reading your story! I also love to do yoga...bikram that is. I usually go to class 2 to 3 times per week. I am not happy with the way I look either....its hard to stare at yourself for 1 1/2 hours and be self conscious : (....I also just want to look as good as I feel. I work out 5 to 6 times per week and it doesn't show. I just can't wait to wear cute yoga outfits and not have to worry about my belly hanging out!!! Best wishes to you and I hope you have amazing results!! I am right behind you on April 10th!!!
Yeah for April. Cute yoga clothes for us soon with no more bellies sneaking out from the bottom of our tops!
oh man, that was a blow! More time to make lists for your mil! ha! I would suggest folding the kids clothes together in"outfits" complete with sox. Just roll them up in the drawer so that all she has to do is pick a roll and voila...kis is all coordinated! Of course, this means that they need quite a few outfits. I have even gone so far as to place post it notes on clothing rolls that say the name of the week just to make it easier on the child/caregiver....just an idea. I would have been sooo disappointed to have a significant like this and I really feel bad for you!! One more month...

So I decided not to have lipo under my chin. Since...

So I decided not to have lipo under my chin. Since losing weight it really is just normal aging skin. Went by ps office today and chatted with doc. We decided on the morning of surgery to take a look and see if any other contouring is necessary.
I am still struggling with the fact that I had to reschedule my surgery. Instead of doing all of my interviews with studios and clubs in April I have to do them this month, March, so I can start teaching mid May at places I want to stay long term. I know it is my own issue but I was hoping not to be the fat instructor for once. At my normal weight 155,( I am 168 right now and when I race I get down to 147 ish, goal to be under 160 by April 4th). I know normal weight (meaning not too skinny or too hard for ME to maintain) for someone 5'8" is what I weigh. However, teaching yoga and spin I am ALWAYS the fat one.
I can usually push this judgement away....I can be strong and sure and confident but sometimes I just want to hide. On good days I see the joy it brings to students to see someone like me. Someone not a size 0 or 2. Not that there is anything wrong with those sizes, I am only speaking from my personal experience and expectations of others.
I am comfortable in my own skin, and what I can physically do. I am comfortable in front of a class, that is where I shine and my heart takes over. I feel insecure in times like this...where I will be judged by others in the fitness industry. I have shown up for TV commercials for clubs before as "part of the teaching team" only to be left out of the shot because of my size. So with 8 interview classes in the next two weeks this beast roars up in me....I get nervous, I get mad for getting nervous.
Then I judge myself for getting plastic surgery. Why not be different? Why not let the budda belly fall out of my pants? Why not be ok with my boobs falling out every now and again. Am I contributing to the very thing I hate? Or is what I hate my own judgement? How do I reconcile these two worlds?
Normal questions. Normal fears I suppose. I will dig deep I will do my best and I will search inside and look at what I have to offer. I will be honest with my limitations. I hope...

Keep reading and rereading stories on here....

Keep reading and rereading stories on here. Getting extremely nervous about the actual healing time it will take. I really have a hard time doing nothing. Hoping it will all be worth the process. On a good note I am down to 167. Seven pounds more hopefully before surgery morning.
Teaching a ton. Subbing other people's classes. Looks like I'll have my choice of clubs/studios when I am recovered. I hope I am able to teach at 6 weeks. It helps me emoitionally when I feel I am doing more than just being a mom and wife. For me it makes me feel more fulfilled.
My ps didn't tell me to take any supplements. Curious. I will call tomorrow.
Going to get serious in the search for toliet seat riser and shower seat.
Husband so sweet in that he keeps saying how beautiful I look and how I seem to feel more like my old self. ( I have struggled with depression (never weighed 196 before) since I found out I was preggo with our last child in September of 2009. I was 41.) It was so tough emotionally and hard on my body. I was 6 weeks from my first 70.3 ironman, teaching at 3 studios and down to 150 finally after having a child in 2006 then another in 2008. These pregnancies were both assited with fertility treatment and surprise a la' natural this time. I am high risk...so no working out at an extreme level. The weight came on quickly.
Being a yogi I do have perpective. I know I have a good life. I feel blessed, complete and content.
I want my outside to look like my inside. I want clothes to fit. I want to run without having to double bra, and being able to run in a sports bra and shorts would be wow. The idea of teaching a HOT class in a bra top and pants, never done that. Nervous to even set that goal. I don't even wear shorts much. All my swim suits are skirted. We started wake boarding and teaching the kids to water ski last summer. When I look at the videos and pictures of me....yuck. The swim skirts and shirts cling. I couldn't even find board shorts that fit over my thighs and allow me to tuck my belly skin in.
I'm rambling, but I am trying to put down how I think and remember this when I doubt my decision to go through with the surgery. I spend a lot of time self loathing the way I look and resenting the state of my belly muscles.
Just keepin it real. Sorry to ramble.
Congrats on losing weight. You are going to look fabulous!
Yogamom- you are going to love your new body honestly I have been having a tough time with this I was used to bouncing back from stuff but this one snuck up on me, and showed me that I better chill!! Still I know it was the right decision and I dont regret it or all the pain I have been going through! We owe it to ourselves to feel good in the skin we have and that feeling better will carry over via confidence into everything we do!!

164.4 lbs today. Yeah! 31.6 pounds lost in 3...

164.4 lbs today. Yeah! 31.6 pounds lost in 3 months. I have been asked what diet I'm following etc.
1)I cut out ALL white flour and sugar. Essentially lower carb. The carbohydrates i eat come from dairy, fruit and beans and such. The natural ones.
2)The cardio work outs that have been most effective are adding true interval training.
This can be done on any machine or outside, even with walking.
Warm up 3-5 mins choose an interval 15/45, 30/30, 45/75 or 60/60. These are seconds you "surge" effort for a time then steady pace the other.
Do 5 reps, 2 minute recovery. So with run/walk my workout yesterday was.
Warm up walk 3m (3.8 on treadmill) run 45sec (6.2) walk 1min 45seconds (4.0) (interval total time 2 min) repeat 5 times. Walk 2minutes (3.8) then repeated entire interval set. Cool down walk 3 min. Total cardio workout 28 minutes. 500+ calories burned. When I steady run (5.8-6.0) for same amount of time I only burn 300cal. I am still over my normal weight so I do burn more than someone nearer their goal weight.
3) 2-3 times a week I take a weight class. Body pump/muscle works/TBT called many different things. This has no impact on my joints and I burn calories fast because it is basically many reps all muscle groups, gets heart rate up. I have also done this at home when my kids are sick by doing a "circuit" with push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats and anything else I could think to include. One hour blasting motivating music.
4) I do yoga 6x a week. 3 heated power 3 restorative. I do this by myself. There are many good yoga DVDs that are not just for the bendy people (I am not a natural bendy one) as I realize not everyone knows a yoga routine. But some sort of formal stretching can move those toxins through your body and calm your mind so your cortisol and many other levels don't work against you trying to lose weight. Seane Corn's videos are easy to find and very beginner friendly. I can recommend others if needed.
5) I indulge in ONE very large, organic, milk chocolate bar every weekend. Keep it under 600 cal. My husbands says he hears me purr when I eat it:)
6) Take one entire day off a week. Anything active must be fun.
7) drink at least 64+ozs of water.
This is just what has worked for me. I have been active for years but turning 40 a few years ago and having young kids did a job on me physically and mentally. I feel like the fog has been lifted and I am close to my "real self". 18 days til surgery. Woo who !!!

Forgot...I also teach 2-3 yoga classes a week and...

Forgot...I also teach 2-3 yoga classes a week and at least one Spin class.
Yeah for size 8, you will be a 4 or 6 when you are all healed I bet! So hold the shopping GF!
Two weeks from now I will be on the other side. Yeah!
Down to 162.6. Bought a pair of size 8 jeans for the first time in 5 years this weekend. Hoping post surgery there will be no muffin top! Getting everything ready.
Yoga hun your day is coming!!!! Enjoy your workouts now I would so love to do something!!!! Anxious for you to be on the other side!

So.... it's getting so close. 4 wake ups and I'll...

So.... it's getting so close. 4 wake ups and I'll be heading to surgery. wow!
Weight down to 159.8. Yeah! I feel strong and ready physically.
I have accepted that I am not going to get everything accomplished at home that I wanted to before Wednesday. Sick little children this past week. Very sick. Cooped up most of the week. Gotta let what I can't finish go.
As a treat I had a spa day today. Massage, pedicure, manicure, hair colored and keratin treatment. very nice. Chickened out on the brazilian wax.
Family day tomorrow.
Normal nervousness. Hard to go to sleep. Ready to be on the other side, I think?!?:)
Yoga- I will be praying for you and your surgery--it is getting close now!!!! I know everything will be fine and you will do great and be back at it soon enough!
So close! I know I'll get back to it when I'm ready. Motivated to get back sooner rather than later for the $$$ to cover and keep the cleaning peeps I hired:) I won't put the 15k surgery results at risk:)
Congrats on the weight loss!

11 am. That's what time I arrive at the surgery...

11 am. That's what time I arrive at the surgery suite. Grrrrrrrr no coffee. I tried that once, my legs felt like lead by 10am. No food. Yeah, not a happy "yoga mom" by 11am.
I've been doing some reflecting. I am excited about my contour being smoother and having less hanging skin. However, I am not one who hates my body or thinks it's gross. I just want to feel comfortable and covered in my clothes. I do not want to wear a bikini and I do not have an illusion that my tummy will be completely flat and my thighs smooth. A better contour. A natural athletic look. Thighs that don't blister from rubbing together, belly skin that doesn't have to be tucked into pants and boobs that don't fall out of my bra when I bend over. That will be progress. I am hopeful for the best possible outcome.
MIL arriving shortly. Still nervous about telling her to "stop freakin talking" in my narcotic state. A little sad about not being able to cuddle with the babies.
Still have lots to do but I am going to take a nap. Pretty certain I won't be sleeping much tonight:)

Yoga- you are so right in your thinking, I think we in the back of our heads think, OK I am plunking down all this money I want to be Miss America when we wake up, but in reality like you said, I want my fat to not cause rashes and to feel somewhat normal after a lifetime of obesity, I think you have really realistic goals and I know you got the patience to know it takes awhile to see the end result, and really settle in to your new body, it might be hard, you might have an easy time, but regardless we all get through it we are tough women! I will be praying for you tomorrow!
Hugs my friend:)
You have the absolute best mindset going in to this surgery in regards to your expected results. Hands down. I was 12 weeks post op on Monday and there are specific things (totally flat belly, smooth thighs, as you described) that I had *hoped* for, but in reality knew that at the end of it all I really only wanted to have my clothes fit and not be embarrassed to be seen naked (by hubbs of course). I am thrilled with my results but they are definitely far from perfect. I want you to read your last post very often during your recovery and know that you won't see a *true* picture of your results for minimum 3 months, seriously. I still swell by days end and I still have numb areas but I think my basic results have settled in. But that is key - you can't freak after 3 weeks or 6 weeks thinking "is this it???" It is a loooooong (but fruitful) journey.

SO excited for you tomorrow!!! I know it's hard but try to get some sleep. Hug your babies and hubbs and know that you have done all that you can do up to this point. Hugs!

Yesterday we arrived at the surgery center at 11...

Yesterday we arrived at the surgery center at 11 am.
I went back with a nurse and went over all the questions I had answered before. Because of no coffee and no food my head was splitting.
Then Dr. Hedden came in and marked me up. He asked if I had any more questions about the procedure and I just said I wanted to know he was having a good day.
Not too much longer my hubby came back to wait me until time to go into surgery suite.
The anesthesiologist hen cam in and asked basically the same questions again. Nice enough. This was all before noon. Then the waiting began.
We waited in the pre surgery room until 115pm. Long time to sit and get anxious.
Anesthesiologist came in and walked me to the operating suite. I hopped on the table and the next thing I knew it was 6pm and I was in the recovery room.
From there, honestly I felt a little rushed. I was dressed in my cg and binder and by 620pm loaded into hubby's truck for our ride home. I did not have to pee, talk coherent or anything before I was sent home.
By the time we got home I was in severe pain. I was eating some crackers so I could take my meds. Anyway by about 4 am, I finally felt caught up with the pain.
I only slept off and on. Hubby was doing a good job.

1day po. I had 10am appointment with ps. I was...

1day po. I had 10am appointment with ps. I was feeling pretty good. Able to go potty by myself, put on a little makeup and straighten hair.
Waited over an hour and 15 min to see my ps. A little frustrated with that, my time is valuable too.
Anyway, after we are taken back the nurse removes my compression garment and binder for the doctor to check me and well I passed out. Apparently, it's a common vascular response.
Usual instructions I suppose. Get up, walk around, empty drain (I only have one) record amounts. I got yelled at for walking too straight and he empasized the importance of hunching over so the incision will bind and heal properly. Oops.
I am staying on top of my drugs. I am uncomfortable, but the pain is not unbearable. I feel like the binder and garment are way too tight. Again, I know from this site that is a very common feeling.
I added more before pics and there should be a 1day po pic posted tomorrow. Take care my friends.

baby steps, build your foundation. An hour is waaay too long to wait for anyone at this point, well ever really. The "hunch" will eventually cause your back to hurt, but don't rush it.
Yoga- so glad you are feeling OK!!! That is great news, that passing out, still I sleep in my binder and when I went back to work I was freaking all dizzy, now I open it in bed lay there, then I sit up, then get up, it works now, that was crazy!! Just go slow! OK I got butt envy--nice butt :) I can really see how much you lost before surgery cant wait to see how awesome it looks, everyday gets better!!!
Yay yoga - you made it!!! So happy to hear you are on the other side. Your most recent 'befores': wow !! What a diff from your original befores. I can see you have been working hard on losing weight!
I can't wait to see your afters!! Happy healing, my friend!

Day 2 po- stayed on top of pain meds all day and...

Day 2 po- stayed on top of pain meds all day and night. I'm a day behind blogging recovery, sorry. Been able to get up and go potty by myself since day 1. Use your leg muscles. Imagine you are doing a squat. Easier than pushing with your arms if you had a BL or BA, I had both. Big project for the the day was to take shower. Didn't get around to it until late evening 8 pm or so. Not a good idea. I seem to be generally at my best first thing in the morning. I was not nice to my hubby who got undressed and into the shower with me (we have a big shower). I was such a bitch. When he removed the binder it was like someone threw me forward. Omg. Everything irritated me . The warm water did feel great running over my back and breasts but no way could I shave or anything. Then I immediately begin to shake and shiver when water was turned off. Teeth chattered and all. We quickly put back on the binder and the compression garment over it. They are both getting larger and needing to be pulled tighter as the days go on. I was so mean to my husband. I said ugly hurtful things. I don't even know why except I felt vulnerable and in pain? No excuse and I know I hurt his feelings. He is doing such a good job. I have spent the last 12 hours apologizing. Anyway be prepared to not act like yourself, narcotics, mixed with pain, throw in fear must lead to the perfect storm. He says it's ok, and I know he means it but I still feel horrible that I spoke to my sweet, self sacrificing, loving husband so harshly:) guess I need to forgive myself:)

Day 3 po. Great night sleep last night. My...

Day 3 po. Great night sleep last night. My recliner is very comfy. I have one pillow under my knees, one at my back with a heating pad and a good feather pillow behind my head. I got up at 3am and took one pain pill and muscle relaxer. Then fell right back asleep. Spent morning drinking coffee and chatting with mother in law in sunroom off of kitchen. Such a beautiful day. She is doing an amazing job with the kids! I think it made her feel better for me to tell hef what a good job she's doing. I let her talk (she's a chatty lady) and I just smiled. How lucky am I to have her be part of my family.
With regard to new things I have learned in this recovery, it hurts like hell if you cough. I have a very dry throat (pollen and I have asthma). I am sucking on natural cough drops and drinking sugar free hot cocoa. I had my first #2 this morning, no problem. But I had been taking MOM and colace for a week before surgery and am recently vegetarian so I don't have the meat blocking things up. I am going to continue taking colace for quite a while as having to push at all to have a BM would hurt like hell. I did a few laying on my back on the floor yoga poses last night (wind removing pose and supta badda konasana) to help move things through.
I was able to sponge myself off again, scrub some places with alcohol that had tape sticky stuff left, put on a little makeup, dressed in clean clothes, brush hair, and make up my "nest". Now I'm done, plopped down in my nest iPad open, iPhone and magazines close and HGTV on. Good day so far.
My drain output is about 40cc's a day total right now. My next ps appointment is Friday the 13th. Drain to come out then unless it drops below 30cc's per 24 hrs before then.
With regard to my choice of ps, I chose him because of his exceptional work and skill. He came reccommmended to me very highy for his skill from a ps that is a close friend in another state. Every visit I have had to wait almost an hour. Even for my initial consult. The nurses seem to do their jobs but I wouldn't say they are "sensitive" as it appears I am only one patient in a slew of many. It took 24 hours for them to return my call regarding my cycle starting the morning after surgery. They seemed uninterested. I hate waiting at a doctors office especially an hour and 15 min the morning after surgery. My time is important. My husband's time to drive and be with me there is of at least the same value $$$ as the plastic surgeons so he really hates to wait. So I will be taking this all into account when I complete my review. Ultimately,I will put up with waiting and being just a number (not a person) for good results. More to come. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Love to all y'all.

Still 3 days po, wanted to mention that the...

Still 3 days po, wanted to mention that the swelling for me in the boobies (I had a BL and BA) feels so much like when your milk comes in after you have a baby and are nursing. You feel engorged.
Yoga- glad the MIL is working out, and look at those boobies, you are looking great girl!! I wondered about wind removing pose maybe I will try that!!! I so want to go back this darn seroma fills like crazy with activity so still not cleared to even walk there is another new yoga studio I am dying to see!!! Keep up the healing you are doing super!
Glad your recovery seems to be going so well. Wishing you a continued uneventful recovery!

Day 4 po. I'm always updating a day behind. I am...

Day 4 po. I'm always updating a day behind. I am feeling ok. A good bit sore on the right breast and arm side. Keep having to be reminded to hunch over. Hubby getting really aggravated that I forget. I say "I'm a yoga teacher, I spend every waking minute engaging my "bandhas". Which has great benefits to the hubby but not so good when you're trying to not stretch out our incision.
Easter was fun for the kids. All the neighborhood kids ended up over here and my MIL handled it like a pro. She's really doing perfect with the kids, me I'm glad I've got percocet. Lol. Can't eat any of her food. Trying to not make a big deal out of it.
Two things seem a little off to me.my belly button is not centered, it's a little but noticeably to the right. Not on my midline. Left breast is a ton bigger. Both of these are probably due to swelling, but not sure , I will try to get a look tomorrow. Upsets me. I'm feeling ok. Nervous about running out of percocet and Valium. Only taking 1/2 a pill every four hours. Drain output about 40cc's a day.
So happy you are on the healing side! Don't be ashamed to ask for a refill on the meds if needed. I was really embarrassed but I ran out of my percocet and valium and I felt I needed a few more for emergency pain, or muscle spasms. I hated having to feel like a drug seeker asking for more but I asked for 5 more pills of each valium and percocet and she gave me a refill of 20 pills each. They are nice to have for an especially hard day. The valium really helped me sleep. I am saving what I have left for emergencies but it was sure nice to have a few extra so get them if you need them.
Happy Healing!! :)
Glad you are feeling good and had an enjoyable Easter! Especially glad MIL isn't driving you too bonkers yet. ;) You know - my belly button is off center, a bit to the right, too. PS said mine was like that pre surgery (I had never noticed it). I can't tell looking at your postop pic. My left hip area was always so much bigger from swelling than my right but they evened out. I hope you continue to feel great!!
Yoga- you crack me up, I am out of the muscle relaxer and I told him today give me the refill dude, LOL I love it percocet and valium makes life good!!! Dont fret about the boob and BB it is still so early probably all swelling related, just rest and let things settle, I am 5 weeks and everyday things change, this is a long time til the final outcome!

Day 6 po. What a difference a few days make. I...

Day 6 po. What a difference a few days make. I called and got refills of my pain meds and muscle relaxers. (music plays in the background). I couldn't sleep at all last night. Uncomfortable, hot then cold, binder too tight, too loose, had to pee and to be quite honest even though I am all binded up, drain in, pain, ya da ya da, I'm frisky. Uncomfortably so. Gotta convince the hubby I won't break.
I got the OK to walk upright today. Thank goodness!!! It was killing my back hunching over. Went for a 15 minute walk outside in the sunshine and it was wonderful. Of course I was stoned on before mentioned meds but it felt good to get out. Did a few easy stretches when I got done. Awesome.
Last nights shower on the shower seat w/ back was a complete dream. Never felt so good having all that warm water run over my sore back and boobs.
Cleaned up a little, responded to a few emails, now gonna rest. My plan is to make a pan of southern Mac and cheese since I feel cheated from Easter. (i'll make it slightly healthy) Been living on fruit, water, propel, greek yogurt and nuts until now.
Drain out put still around 40cc's a day. I go in on Friday for 10day po.
All in all it's a good day, takes me a long time to do anything but I'm on no time line. Gonna start watching my jillian michaels dvd's and pick up some new wordage and moves for my classes. Miss my gym buddies.
Love, healing and peace to you all:) namaste'

Yoga- you are looking good girl for 6 days? And feeling frisky?? OMG! LOL Your BB looks so cute already it doesnt even look all nasty! Take your meds and relax! I am out of my muscle relaxer I am too lazy to get dressed to go out ad pick it up,so tonight is a test, that is all I take one at night, so we will see how it goes! Keep on healing!
I hope you are able to rest tonight. It seems Tylenol pm worked well for of our other friends on here if you get into trouble.
And to be honest with the "frisky" stuff, I've never had a problem. 9 years with the hubby and since we found each other later in life (me 35 him 30 then) I just don't want to die and regret not spending a ton of time making love and making each other feel good. I sincerely just love who he is as a person.
Keep lookin beautiful darlin'.
I always love your updates.
I liked the striped bikini the best
Love and peaceful night of sleep:)
Loved your update, yoga! Glad you got the refills - gives you some peace of mind for just in case. I remember that first shower - heavenly. And I can TOTALLY relate to your feeling frisky early on. It's a total mind over matter thing - even though I was physically tired/healing my new body was such a confidence boost which was a turn on. But I had to convince hubbs he wouldn't damage anything. :)

Continued healing to you!

Day 7 PO- I went out today for the first time. My...

Day 7 PO- I went out today for the first time. My neighbor, who is such a beautiful person, took me out so I could buy my MIL some special breads for her Pandora bracelet as a thank you for coming and watching the babies. (the beads I ordered ahead of time did not come, rats).
I wore my newer size 8 jeans. They slid right on. No extra room in the waist like before but hey, I had a binder, a cg and underwear on. So I'd say that felt good. Wore cowboy boots like always, a tank to hide the drain being tucked in the cg and a fitted but loose white button up over it all. Looked good. Felt good. Ended up going to a few other shops. You know I can't walk past lululemon without getting an outfit. We ate outside for lunch and a quick trip to the grocery store on way home.
Yes, I was tired. A little swollen in the waist which I think is from having feta cheese on my salad. Came home, present was big hit with the MIL. Stripped off the clothes, Iced down the boobies and the incision line (under cg on top of binder) got in my recliner, feet up, took 1/2 of pain pill and just sat. Didn't fall asleep. First day with no nap. Drainage was no different than other days. Boobs are really swollen. Especially the left one. Haven't opened all the layers tom check things today.
So all in all at one week PO I was ok going out for 3 hours. Hope that helps future TT's to know that it is possible to get out and about in moderation. I could not have gone out alone. My neighbor friend, carried bags, opened the doors, pushed the cart etc. We walked much slower than either of our normal paces. We had no place else to be and took our time.
Happy healing and hope this review helps those considering these procedures in the future. Peace:)
Yoga what a great day out, I would watch your kids for Pandora Beads :) Funny story my ex got me the pandora bracelet and my hubby now made some comment about how I never wear it anymore he is right. It is really important I think to get out and do something that feels normal to your routine, even walking slowly or whatever, but being out and about is a good thing I think! COming back to work when I did sucked, but mentally it was good to take my mind of myself, but hey I didn't cause I am still on here, LOL I soooo badly want to go back to Bikram but there is no way I can do it, I need to look for a restorative place, going to check out the videos you mentioned too even if there are some poses I can do at home. The only yoga I really know is Bob Harpers weight loss which is mainly planks and stuff, and Bikram, I am not familiar with other types. I was having good losses with the weight and now it tapered off even with me being more strict, 6 weeks of sitting on my butt is not good! Anyway I am rambling at you, you look wonderful and I am glad you are feeling so good!
I'm struggling today as well. Tired of not having those exercise endorphins I think. Tired to do even wind removing pose and now I feel a pull in my left breast which is still so swollen.
Yoga journal's site has some restorative poses. Not sure what your limitations are at this point. Sounds like until the seroma is resolved you don't have any options. Not sure what studios you have around you in your town. A lot of us former Bikrim teachers still use some form of heat in our classes even my gentle classes I like to be close to 85 degrees. we know the benefit. Sounds like you and I just aren't going to be getting our yoga on for a while. Even if we soften up we are no strangers to hard work and sweat! We can do this, right??? I've been crying all morning so this pep talk is really for myself. Will i ever be whole?
Love and hugs dear:)
Yes you are still early honestly like I feel today like I could go run, but I know I cant my tummy is still swollen, it does suck but I am trying to think that this new flt tummy is going to be with us for the next 40 or so years so does another week or two of not exercising matter in the grand scheme? Probably not, so I am doing whatever he tells me and I will keep eating well and drinking water and take each day as it comes. I figure I have been beating myself trying to lose weight, the exercise etc, so I am letting myself rest to gear up for when I get back to it! We will be whole again and better than ever!

Day 9 PO (4/13/12) doctor's visit. Drain out....

Day 9 PO (4/13/12) doctor's visit. Drain out. Yeh!!! Waited 35 minutes in lobby, 35 min in room naked with no binder on....not real happy about always waiting so long. Doc came in....Left implant hasn't dropped which is reason is seems larger. I need to massage it down. Belly button in original stalk so it's in the same place as before .(just different skin sewn around if that makes sense.) after looking at my before pics it was always a little to the right. Never noticed this before. I have blister on my side that is from the inside out, from lipo suction. Not infected but keeping a watch on area. I will try to get picture. Getting drain out and stitches out did not hurt at all, just felt a little strange because area is numb. Asked what the weight of the skin removed was and amount of lipo to the nurse that was with me much. Ore than the doc. She said they don't measure or weigh. Very disappointed about that, was curious.
Anyway I was at office a total of two complete hours. Less than 5 min spent with ps about 10 with nurse. I can do cardio and weights at two weeks po. Nothing that engages abs or pecs. Maybe I'll do precor and some unweighted squats and lunges. We'll see. I'll not push it....I swear!
Have to wear binder two more weeks (their requirement is two weeks after drain removal). Spanx encouraged after that if I want but not necessary. I get to lose the cg (thank goodness) at two weeks po, so only 2 more days with this crotchless wonder.
Sports bra at night for 6 months. I can wear any bra I want at two po. They encourage no underwire b/c of the lift scars. Nurse did say that in his surgical notes he noted that my chest muscles were about an inch thicker than most. ( i work out....FLO-RIDA song playing in back ground, sexy and i know it) She explained that meant my 250cc implants may actually make a full D. Tried on my bras I wore pregnant and nursing (the date night ones not the nursing ones) and they fit 34DD. Hopefully they will go down? Swollen? I really don't want to double bra. Suppose I could have worse problems.
Happy healing to all my fellow TT, and encouragement to all of those gals on the fence:)
You look smokin' hot already, hope my results are as good as yours! I'm 5 9' tall, and weigh 167, so we are comparable in stats. My surgery is on friday 4/20/12. What size implants did u get??
I read your review, omg we could be sisters! we are very similar even where we carry and don't carry our weight (our boobs).
I got 250cc moderate profile saline. I was a B+ to C- about on the day of surgery. I was aiming for a full C, meaning no ski sloping. At our height we can carry off larger breasts. I am very active but my biggest concern FOR ME was not having to have another lift in the future. I don't want to double bra to run and for once be able to wear the workout tops with the bra included in them and not fall out. Dr. Law is a ps in NC, he is a friend of the family (not close) and recommended I stay somewhere between 225-300 for me. My ps here where I live, Dr. Hedden agreed. Dr. Law is active here on realself. His website has some very good information about size/lift/age.
You look amazing. Great job on the weight loss! You are going to look great regardless what size you choose. Friday will be here before you know it!
Feel free to ask me anything you think of.....excited for you!
Yoga- you look amazing! I was reading some of your posts and I can completely commiserate! I'm feeling a little down today, and I just want to fast forward so I can feel like myself again! I miss working out and it's only been 1 week since I've gone for a run. Working out is my antidote to any anxiety or depression and I just miss it. UGH. I know I need to rest and that it will take time to recover, but this is a bit harder than I anticipated and I'm only on Day 3! BTW I'm starting 50 Shades today. Hoping it will keep me distracted. Happy Healing!
PS I'd love to hear more about Bikram. I'm more of a Pilates, Cardio girl and I've done Fitness Yoga a handful of times, but I've heard so many amazing things about Bikram. Can't wait to heal so I can try it!

Day 12 po. Weight down to 157.8! So close to my...

Day 12 po. Weight down to 157.8! So close to my normal weight. Yeah! 6 straight years of being pregnant or breastfeeding really play havoc on your hormones when you STOP and are perimenopausal. At 43! glad the numbers are moving in the correct direction.
For reference, in regard to swelling I have had minimal so far. I do "swell" 4-6lbs by the evening. However I was recording this pre op and it was the same.
So I've learned that I can do one thing a day. One outing, one kitchen cleanup, one coffee date, one try on clothes in the closet, one walk in neighborhood. Any more and I am down and out the next day. Hard headed huh?
My left boob is still in pain. Ps believes because of my muscle size the spasms are stronger and fighting the implant moving down (don't I have two sides and one is already there? But I wasn't up for being a pain in his butt this morning). Having to take 1/2 Valium every 6 hours for the next 4 days minimal and massage. I hate feeling like a zombie on this stuff, but I really am sick of this pain even more.
I was able to go back to sleeping in my bed after the drain was removed (day 9po). That has been AWESOME!
Continuing to cover bb w/ non stick gauze and neosporin as well as the blister on my left flank. Wearing binder and cg although I did change to a much more comfortable bra. It hooks in the back but it's my favorite kind of sports bra and it feels so much better. Moving comfort's Fiona. It's the bra I wear to work out.
MIL, neighbors, hubby and BFF being the best ever. Miss my kids slightly, sounds horrible, but I am enjoying the break from having to be "the heavy" for a few more days. I could probably interact a little more but frankly I just don't want to right now. Nice hearing others clean up the messes, settle arguments, create crafts, read, handle tv time, soccer games, play dates, bubbles and everything else.
Healing and patience to all the other "super women" out there:)

You look darling! Good for you!
Thank you.
You are looking great already. I loved Dr. Hedden and I think he does great work.

Day 14 po~ weight down go 155! First time back...

Day 14 po~ weight down go 155!
First time back at the gym this morning. 37 min on elliptical. Woo who! Felt great. Kept HR under 130. My PS let's you start cardio and arm and leg weights at 2wks po. No chest or ab engagement ( I had BL/BL/TT and lipo of flanks, I/O legs. ) Not ready for weights, just not sure sure how to "not engage" my abs in everything i do. Seems like I've spent my whole fitness and yoga life turning on my abs:( any advice? wore binder under work out clothes, that are too BIG! Shopping trip! Guess we'll see how much exercise it effects swelling for me at this point. I've had minimal so far. But I eat really clean.
Left boob still swollen and painful. Taking 1/2 Valium at night along with Tylenol pm as I can not sleep through the pain. Called ps office 2x have not gotten a return call:( frustration. Again, no fever, it's not hot, no streaking and incisions are not oozing at all.
TMI part. We were frisky on day 11 PO. Creative, but it was a much needed event. Felt abs spasm at "the high note" and it was all fine:) feel even sexier now.
Fire pit and wine girlfriend party tonight! Burning the "iron maiden" cg! Excited. We got rained out last night. First time iI'll be having alcohol as well. 3 glasses max.
For those waiting....that's the worst part. Happy healing and love to all my fellow MM and TT's.
Going with what the chart suggests, probably 445 cc's, I don't have much breast tissue, especially after the lift, the breast pump and weight loss took all the mass out of them, they are just skin sacks at this point! Hopefully this will be good for me....crossing my fingers!
You look fantastic!

Day 16 PO~ so first day with no help:( MIL went...

Day 16 PO~ so first day with no help:( MIL went home yesterday. Very nice of her to have stayed so long. She's an avid golfer and since we live in the south east she really missed 15 days of perfect golf weather. Big deal for her, she never complained once. In think I realized I talk more than she does:) seriously.
I did too much today. 1)Had staff meeting where I work (boss knows about procedure but I kinda had to go). 2)Did 40 min SLOW on the precor to burn 300 cal.
3)had to take all 3 little kids inside of bank to transfer money to 21 yr olds account.grrrrrrrr. 4) had to go by eye store to pick up solution they never sent me with my contacts 5) moved the youngest, we call him "mayhem" (allstate commercials) to toddler bed and he would not stay in it take a nap. I had to go up and down the stairs like 10 times to forcefully suggest he should take a nap. 6) sat on the bed then in full body suit spanx, which I love, however I realize my vajayjay lips hanging out of the clever little pee pee flap it has. Now I am obsessed with how low they are hanging. Not swollen but hanging low. WTH? When did that happen?
7) did some standing yoga "warriors" to try to shift my focus. Oh well.
What a day!
Not swelling, just a little tender around my mid section. Put my binder on and it feels great after today. Having family movie night. Who knew there were so many "herbie" movies to watch. One a weekend.
So physically I am loving the way I look and the way my clothes are fitting.
Left breast still swollen and high. Limited range of motion in my left arm.
Nice to get back to the gym and see people other than my family.
Take care all.
Looking good Yoga!!! It is nice to get out and among the living besides family!
I put together some yoga poses for you. Standing and laying. I'll post them on your page when I get a free min. No twisting or anything fancy. You have been on my mind.

Day 20 PO: A MUST READ Issues 1) left implant...

Issues 1) left implant still higher and breast very swollen and painful. Next po was at 4 wks. Scar tissues usually already formed by then. Wanted to be seen today
2) upper abdominal muscles feel "not engaged" slightly distended. Is it the MR coming undone or swelling. No swelling anywhere else. First time I had this feeling was yesterday. Everything has felt tight and upright until then.
3) blister on my back getting larger and worse, despite personal aggressive treatment.
Took 36 mins on phone to convince ps office to see me today, then I was told I could see a nurse. I directly said no way. He sees me today. 2pm.
Customer service is for when things go wrong, right? Easy to be helped when you don't need anything, right? I am miffed. I am bringing a list.
Without divulging too much info, I was a clinical director for many years, over 7 practices. Until 6 yrs ago, when I was able to be a yoga teacher full time. I know what holes in our care as patients mean behind the scenes.
If any real Plastic Surgeons read these reviews....hint the way to grow your practice isn't to do more 2500$ boob jobs. (not that there is anything thing wrong with a 2500$ boob job, it brings in a lot of business, too much to handle maybe?) It is follow up care on the BIG ones....on all surgeries, big and small that bring repeat business and quality references. It is having at least one "same day appointment" (behind the scenes we call them the "oh shit" ones) every hour that you work! I can not understand for the life of me, spending 16k on a surgery and I've seen him a total of 10 min since then. No call after I got home. No reassuring chat when I woke up. nothing.
I'm mad. I am smart, I do my research. I am self sufficient and yet.....here I am needing care and I am having to beg for it, and I paid 16,000$ to be treated this way. That is twice what my first new car cost....I go in at 2. I hope I remain in control and professional. As my BFF and I say, we were raised by rednecks and even all the education in the world can't hide that sometimes!
good luck to you! i'm 9 days po and didn't do the boobs, paid for them and then backed out at the last minute. thinking about doing them as everyone looks so great, but ugh, i'm afraid of crazy complications! sorry your ps is crap at po service. sounds fairly unsurprising. i think they're all onto the next patient, right? i, like you, did a million years of yoga, pilates, zumba, you name it, and am so far pleased with my results, though it's also tough at 43, isn't it? i'm going to a dr who specializes in bioidentical hormones and peri/menopause next week, so hopefully that will help with kickstarting the metabolism again, too. congrats on your success !
Glad you put your foot down, yoga! Let us know how the meeting goes.
Glad you can see your PS. I have felt the same about mine in terms of not feeling the aftercare is there when there is a problem or concern. My husband is a NP in the ER and I was a drug rep for 15 yrs so I am/have been around plenty of docs as well. It leaves one feeling like they have all the time in the world for you when trying to gain your business and thousands of dollars but after the surgery, not so much.
Back to your problems, I would bet my eye teeth you are having residual swelling. I could not move my abs for the first 3 weeks, they were silent and I could not suck in at all. Once they started to wake up, the gurgling sounds of digestion returned as well as being able to engage them slightly.
I promise you, the healing process can be long and take many different turns. What you descibe, the puffyness, sounds like what many talk about on here. You are flatter in the a.m. the then puffyness, swelling starts to set in. Many were very swollen from the get go like me, others had minimal swelling the first few weeks only to start swelling weeks later. Remember, this is MAJOR surgery so many things are taking place in your body as you recover and the lymphatic system heals and reconnects.
But yes, you deserve to be seen and have concerns addressed. Unless you lifted something very heavy, it is unlikely your MR is coming undone but remember to take it easy with all forms of excersise...you do not want to engage the abs at all yet, they need time to heal, plenty of time to work out later...not saying you are working out and I know nothing about yoga, however when I get the green light I am going to try some yoga. I saw my PS this morning (an hour wait...GRRR) and she told me no yoga or pilates or ab work at all yet. I am 11 weeks but having issues of distention so I am only cleared for treadmill, light weights for arms and legs.
Anyhow, I think it is normal to get a little panicked about anything that doesn't seem right but you are still in the early stages of healing so I bet all is well. But I totally agree with you, there should be excellent aftercare. Hugs! Keep us posted on what your PS says today. :)

Day 21 PO As newmom37 predicted I am fine, it is...

Day 21 PO
As newmom37 predicted I am fine, it is swelling. Who knew that's what it felt like?
I arrived at appointment on time, sat down was called back immediately, the PA chatted with me as did the office manager on my way to the room. Dr H was knocking on the door as soon as I slipped on my robe.
1) massage implant, pushing down slightly, he doesn't start massage until 4 wks, but since I am having limited range of motion in my left arm he says I can start now. Take Valium 30 min before ( my grandma called them her "nerve pill" so that's what I think of every time I pop one).
2) the feeling is swelling. Lymphatic fluid being pushed up. He said it's the least amount he's ever seen. It is hardly visible. Feels like stated like my abs have "let go". So this feels stange me. The abs (fascia) is waking up. Starting to engage. MR is in tact. No worries. Takes a lot to tear the plication.
3) blister. Let it get some air. Cover w/neo and guauze. It will heal.
He apologized and said I was right to insist on seeing him, they are revising policies to better serve their patients. I don't know, I felt taken care of yesterday afternoon. I had his attention when he was in the room. Although I could tell he was busy.
I live in a relatively small town, Birmingham. Not many PS choices here. People come from all over the south east to see him. They even have a special phone line and hotel deals for out of town patients. I lived in The Woodlands, TX before this and Colorado Springs prior to that. I had Houston and Denver close when I began my research. Lots of choices there. Perhaps this is the best service here....
All tape off. I do look great. Scar lines are so small, low and my boobs look great (even if one is still swollen). The work is quality and some of the best I've seen ever, so I am happy with that. I'm writing a letter with the issues I saw to Dr H. Maybe he can change his policies and the business plan "more is more". I don't know.
Small community here, I run, he runs, frequent some of the same events so I just don't want to have these "issues" in my head every time I see him out and about.
I'll keep y'all posted. I would rather still have the quality work and slow service, but I still believe there can be all of that in one.
I hope things are feeling better for you! Isn't it frustrating to have any kind of setback/issue? Although I was aware of the potential complications, I really assumed I'd just skate through this whole thing. I'm healthy. I exercise, and eat very well. Oh well.
It's hard to be patient. I hope you do write a letter to your PS and I hope he listens. If he's a good doctor, he should appreciate the feedback.
Thinking of you!
Glad it's all going well for you. My ps is a star, and let me start exercising 10 days post op, so I'm happily working out, even with gimpy foot issues. I just limp around and avoid ab work. Just to move is great! Funny, I was a drug rep, too! Claritin paid for my first house, once upon a time! I am going to post some more photos soon, I just can't believe how I'm continuing to shrink. Crazy! Hope your boobs aren't killing you. I'm glad I didn't do mine yet, but I may still! Do they still hurt?
I agree, I'd go nuts not exercising. Been going since day 14. I need the endorphins even if I sit around in the afternoon.
My left boob is still uncomfortable, I have to massage it HARD 3 a day and wear a band some. Basically to push the implant down into place. I am an impatient person. The TT limits what I can do but the boob is so annoying.
Love the look. I bend over and the girls stay put. I take this temporary PIA anytime over the long saggy girls i had before. Work clothes look great and for the first time I don't have to double bra, but I also havent started running.
I don't think I would have been happy with just a lift. I was flat in the upper poles, no cleavage.
Now the hubby just can't get over it! Between that and seeing my abs for the first time in 6 years I'm a happy girl:)
And yes shrinking is good. I'm down 8 lbs since surgery morning.

One month 3 days PO~weight 150 down 9lbs since...

One month 3 days PO~weight 150 down 9lbs since surgery.
TT healing great. I swell a little if I do too much. Hard to walk straight at the end of the day if I overdo. Scar is reaonably low and thin. I think it has lifted my vajayjay a little bit. No swelling there. But my outer lips seem to have dissapered =] I understand this will loosen up a little as time goes on.
I am doing cardio (elliptical, walking, spinning with little residence 3-4 times a week. I have done some very light arm weights and decided to wait a little longer on that. My yoga practice is mostly stretches and gentle standing poses. No plank or chaturangas yet. Ive only taken one class and made modifications for about 30% of the class. Tried one full plank and it was the equivalent of a sneeze at day 3 po. Not for me yet. On days I exercise, again very lightly, I have to take an hour rest at least.
The BA is the thorn in my side. Left implant still too high out laterally and painful compared to the right, which looks normal. I go back Wednesday and am being seen between his surgeries to discuss options. I am not waiting 6 months! It is either early capular contraction ( due to BL scar tissue) or the pocket was not dissected low and medially enough. Depending on which study you read, revisions on BA's done at the same time as a BL are as much as 80% or as low as 40%. I added the BA on after I paid for the rest of the surgery because it was only 1000$ more. I'll do one revision, that's it. If it doesn't work they will come out and I will live with my perky A's that will be left. I'm very frustrated at this. Nervous about teaching in my tops and it being obvious. Plus, it is still unomfortable to move my left arm in certain positions.
I'll post new pics by mid week. I don't do bikinis (leg dimpling genetic issues) but I bought some cute board shorts and halter bikini tops.
All in all healing well and above the curve, I would say, except the left breast implant issue. Trying hard to not to only focus on the issue I am having. Very hard.
Hope your appt goes well tomorrow. If your doc thinks its capsular contraction I seem to recall my boob doc saying they can break the scar tissue and force boob into correct position. I had mine done 14 yrs ago so my memory could be fading but I seem to recall this info. Supposed to be a little painful but beats the heal out of another surgery. Best wishes for tomorrow and keep us posted.
Trying to say beats the hell out of another surgery, not heal
Hey yoga I was thinking about you, I am glad things are getting better sorry you have a pain in the boob! Yeah I still cant go back to Bikram I know my limitations but I sure feel better after working out this week after 8 weeks of slugdom!! At almost 10 weeks I will say the healing seems faster from week 6 on, so it is all uphill now

5 weeks PO So after seeing Dr Hedden today, I am...

5 weeks PO
So after seeing Dr Hedden today, I am going back to surgery tomorrow to extend the pocket for the left implant. ZERO charge. He agrees the implant is too high. We have done implant displacement exercises and I have been on Vit D since 2 wks po, I am already on Singular for my asthma. My left chest muscles are staying contracted and therefore limiting my range of motion of my left arm. That is the reason I am uncomfortable and only Valium helps in the evening.
So I have to say I was impressed by him and his staff today. I sign in, wait 5 min, get taken back, see his partner (he is in surgery), then chat with his PA which makes me cry(not usually a cryer) discussing being self conscious in my tops teaching....within 2 minutes he is in my room examining me. I am impressed and he made me feel at ease saying I was right about the implant pocket and it's capsule. It will be fast and no additional recovery time. I can still go back teaching next week (6 wk PO).
So I will let y'all know how it goes. He also reassured me that in 5 months we will go over everything and if there are any other revisions (lipo, bb or breast) he will take of those at no charge as well. Impressed.
I'll update soon:)

That's Vit E....

That's Vit E....

Oh that's good news!! Thinking of you tomorrow and hope all goes very smoothly and you don't even notice you've had another surgery!
Glad your doc is being fair and taking care of things sooner rather than later. Best wishes for tomorrow. :)
Glad you have an action plan for your discomfort!! Hopefully tomorrow is smooth sailing. I'll be thinking of you!

Capsular constriction Revision....5 wks 1 day...

Capsular constriction Revision....5 wks 1 day PO
I survived. Staff was great. In more pain now than expected.
Added pictures but captions did not come across.
Underwear pic is 3 wks po and board shorts pic is 4 wks po.
Going to rest. Hugs to all.

Hi Yogamom, I just finished reading your updates, it sounds like you're doing great. You look really good. I had my surgery on April 17th, tomorrow I will be 4 weeks. I was having a sad day today, I feel my PS didn't do what he said he'd do in regards to my breasts and making them even, my left is slightly larger than the right. It's something I notice. I just found a lump on my right side where he did the lipo. Also, I have a small dog ear on my left end of my incision and rippling on both sides. I'm disappointed the most about my breasts.

The reason I choose to write to you is because you spoke up and said something about your surgery. I go for a check-up this Friday and I want to ask if they can do anything about my breasts, the rippling, and the dog ear. But I'm nervous I would be sooo disappointed if they said they could do nothing or that I would have to pay for the anesthesia and hospital fee again I could not afford to pay for it again. My man thinks I should say something and he thinks they should fix my breast especially since he said he would in the first place. He even wrote on my left breast when he was marking me for surgery that it was larger to remind him to fix it...but he put exactly the same cc's in both.

What do you think? Thanks for your updated and input.
hey, I totally understand your frustration. You should speak up. You have to. You didn't have the surgery to be MORE self conscious, you trusted your surgeon to help you be more comfortable in your clothes (and out of them, lol). I look and feel so much better. I didn't come into the office with guns blazing but i was very direct and then the whole boob thing made me cry. I am very happy now. Boobs are even. Left may be a tiny bit larger, not much, but I think it was before. I have a little bit of rippling at the end of my TT incision as well, I think its from my swelling. I may need some touch up lipo at the ends of my scar, we'll see. (free) I really don't want to go under again.
I think you look fantastic! what a difference. you should be very pleased. please say something about what bothers you...you have to. My god I cant believe you have been saving for so long....You deserve to be completely satisfied.
Keep me posted and I'll pass along any advice you need. You really look amazing!
Thank you for the encouragement. I guess I will say something. I'm really not that type of person though. But I don't want to wait another 10 years to be completely satisfied. I'll let you know how it went. Thank you for getting back to me.

7 weeks +/- weight 147. 12 lbs lost since surgery....

7 weeks +/- weight 147. 12 lbs lost since surgery. This is my normal weight. YEAH!!!
I can't believe it's been 7 weeks. 2 weeks since the capsule revision on left breast.
I went back to teaching spin and yoga last week (6wks PO). It's going well. In spin, I am still building back up my endurance. It feels incredible not to have that flap of a tummy jiggling around and falling out then over my cycle shorts. I feel confident in my clothes now. In Yoga, I was able to teach a solid class. I was sore afterward. During class walked around the room and did hands on "love" for my students a good bit. I have back almost 100% of my mobility in my left arm that was limited by the issue with the breast. I am happy. I ran for the first time 2 days ago. Yes I was sore. My core and obliques were sore but not in pain, no weird sensations. It felt good to run. I hit the trail on my mountain bike for the firs time tomorrow. A little nervous. the twists and turns. Its a technical trail in some small parts, we are only going 9 miles. I need to ask ps about other activities that engage more of my core (swimming, wake boarding) and see what he says. I go back next week to see him.
I still rest every afternoon for at least an hour. Honestly, I have been doing that since I started staying home 6 years ago. I need the break from the kids and my body is always tired. Rarely do I sleep but I get off of my feet.
I love the difference in my appearance. My body is more in proportion now. I don't look like a umpa lumpa in cycle shorts. I am so happy I did this. I am so happy I didn't just accept the way the breast looked before the revision. Big scar and all (fading daily) I would do this all over again.
you look phenomenal!
You look fantastic. I am in awe how much you are able to do already...and that you want to do them! :-)

16 weeks PO~Well I have to say I am very pleased...

16 weeks PO~Well I have to say I am very pleased with my TT and lipo results. I am not happy with the BL/BA. If you read my review you know that at 5wk po I had a revision on my left breast because the implant was limiting movement in my arm. Well, 11 weeks later the side that was fixed has "bottomed out". The implant is completely at the bottom of the breast tissue and the nipple much higher than the right one. I have no cleavage on the left side at all. I go in 10 days to discuss options with PS. I am leaning towards removing the implants all together and him doing a touch up lift. We will see. Removing the 250cc implants will take my breasts to a A+ or B. I am a C with them now which I like.
My weight is 145 and steady. To review my recovery with regard to exercising went as follows post op: 2 weeks walk on treadmill, 3 weeks ellipical, 4 weeks increased the pace and went to a few spin and yoga classes, 6weeks started teaching spin and yoga again, 8 weeks started running and biking outside again, 10 weeks added weight training in the form of body pump classes and started wakeboarding again, 12 weeks started slow with adding back abdominal work, 14 weeks workout endurance higher but not quite back to before.
So all in all I would do the TT again in a heart beat. I'd leave the girls alone or at least have the BL and after proper healing decide if I want implants. The scars on my breasts are large and red. The tummy tuck scar is as well, but it doesnt bother me at all. My abs look incredible.
I'll take some pictures to post so you can see.
So please if you are considering a BL w/BA ******PLEASE****** consider having the BL and see after 6 months if you are happy with the results. I wish I would have. I'd take my droopy small rolled up breasts back any day over this, let alone I paid over 7k to have scars and be dissatisfied. I hate them. Another surgery requires going under again and bringing in help with my 3 kids under 5 years old. Even if he does it at no charge the recovery will push back my fitness progress. Being honest with y'all. Take care.
hmmm, I really feel bad for you regarding the revision . I suspect that once you get your head wrapped around a redo you will do fine. It is easy for me to say since it isn't me going through it but a single preocedure seems that it will be much easier than thefirstgo round when you had multiple things done. Truthfully I think you will look much better without the aug...more natural and athletic. The tt looks great. My breast scars are painful and itchy but at 6 months finally seem to be improving. I have started putting the palmers oil on hile still in the shower and that seems to help. Not all things worthwhile are easy. Take a cleansing breath and forge ahead, one day at a time.
Yoga sorry to hear about the boobie issues that just sucks, the thought of more surgery and all that, at least you are happy with the tummy, the last pic you have posted you look incredible! Glad you are back to full steam with everything again!!!!

So now after 2 more visits w/my ps to discuss...

So now after 2 more visits w/my ps to discuss options, I have decided to remove the implants next week. I am not happy. On his reccomendation (and some serious internal debating) I have decided not to touch up the lift right away. I am going to give my breast tissue and skin a few months to "contract" and then decide how to proceed. The left breast implant continues to "drop" and the right is exactly where it was since the beginning. Basically I have 4 options, 1)remove implants see where things fall 2)live w/one droopy boob 3)replace small saline implants w/larger gel implants and have a mesh holding them in place 4) remove implants and have touch up lift at same time (very high probably of asymmetry due to unequal skin stretching at present).
I'm trying to get my head around not loving my (or looking) at my breasts for a few months. I know they will look flat, uneven and saggy. I'm so fixated and emoitional over this. I just want my old breasts back. Which I know is not a possibility. This will not be a quick fix, it is going to take months. Other than not wanting my boobs to fall out of my shirts I didn't give my breasts much thought before. So my advice is get breast lift first, get that even, let it heal then decide on implants.
How do I not be upset about this?
I'm getting hubby to take pics to show the difference.
I just want to move on.... I feel stuck on this.
It's hard to not focus on something that is hanging off your chest! The scars can be covered but the pain and itch that larger scars cause is hard to ignore. That said, I love how I look. I have lost almost 30 pounds during his adventure.. For me it isn't about being sexy or skinny but about being strong. I wanted to get the most from this whole event and I believe that I have. I quit smoking, quit drinking all soda, exercise daily and have learned to cook healthy food. I love all of it...the look, the clothes, the lifestyle....ok, I miss the Marlboro's from time to time- Persevere until you are happy with it all.
wow...hard to read that without posting how bad I feel for you. We must be similar tissue types as my tt was "easy" and the BL has been challenging. while I do love how I look in clotthes, my scars are very red and itchy and my breasts have biting type pains from time to time. I think it is good for you to talk about it on this site! Are we only supposed to say the good stuff and ignore the reality that this is hard and not always perfection? Gripe away...you have good reason to!!
I'm just trying to get my head around all of this. I want to set realistic expectations for the outcome. My scars are red as well. Huge red scars! So now basically I'll have the same, most likely flatter, lower boobs than before but now I have these huge scars. Thank you for taking the time to care and understand. Frustrating to be this fixated on my boobs! How's everything else? Tummy? Do you like the look?

I had my implants explanted yesterday under local...

I had my implants explanted yesterday under local anesthesia. Everything went smooth. I like my flat chested look. Breasts are very small, not as saggy as I thought they would be. I suppose having a lift and only having the implants in for 4 1/2 months helped that matter. My weight is stable at 143. I feel more in control of my body at this point and I am doubtful I will have the lift touched up in a few months as I originally thought. I'm very sore. Before and after explant pics should be posted in a day or so.

Pictures posted. Happy to have the implants gone...

Pictures posted. Happy to have the implants gone and my mind off of all the issues related to them. Can't stress enough how I wish I would have done the lift first, heal then decide on implants. The truth is yes it may cost you up to 2,000$ more that way, but most plastic surgeons give you a reasonably deep discount on any additional procedures. Just my opinion. Very happy with how TT and lipo turned out and feels great to have perky(ish) boobs. Peace:)
Thanks for your review I've decided to get my Bl first then a ba maybe the following year my sx is June 10th
I really enjoyed everything you documented. I had a terrible time deciding whether or not to do BL + BA or BL followed by a ? BA -- I made the right choice and your info was a huge help. Thank you.
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Haven't had procedure yet.....I will complete when I do:)

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