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I had lipo back in dec 2010 & it was honestly...

I had lipo back in dec 2010 & it was honestly the most painful thing I've experienced post surgery. At first the results were amazing, lots of compliments on my legs especially & I felt the pain was worth it.

Now 2 years later my body is doing the strangest things. I've always had a great stomach but seems since my weight has fluctuated whatever is happening is causing my skin to look & feel loose. If I sit down or bend over it looks like a wrinkled pug. No aggregation whatsoever!! I can post pics of need be but I Can't help but wonder of having lipo has caused this. I'm only 30 & this has never happened before!!!

Well, after liposuction fat deposits start to form in other area's. So, if you received liposuction of the legs, fat is less likely to go to them, and more likely to go to other area's. AKA. the tummy. Also, you said your weight has been fluctuating. This can cause looseness in skin, since it's hard to adjust to adjust in size difference over and over again. So, it may not be the liposuction at all, or it could be a mixture of both. But, I'm sure you look beautiful, so don't worry!

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