Got the Wrong Treatment Instead of Pearl Laser I Got a Fractional CO2 Resurfacing - Birmingham, AL

I have a laser treatment 3 days ago. I think the...

I have a laser treatment 3 days ago. I think the MD have a more agressief treatment done. I thought they recommend me to have the Pearl Laser Resurfacing treatment because is the best for my skin. After they finished the treatment, the price was 1250 more. I was shocked... I realize now that they give me the Fractional CO2 Resurfacing instead the Pearl Laser. How is this possible?

Today 3 days after that treatment my face looks burned (blackend). I called the medical Spa 3 times before somebody call me back. The MD who give me the treatment finally phone me back, I asked her what to do to take care of my face she only says that I can wash it with water and after put the gel they gave me after treatment. I am looking for answer on the net for after laser treatment it seems that not much people have the right answer. Why is the medical Spa don't give a note how to take care after treatment?

It is 3months ago I have the Laser treatment....

It is 3months ago I have the Laser treatment. brown spots are still there, freckles are gone I use sunblock on my face every day.
I have a checkup every month at the medical Spa.
Sorry for not updating my site, computer is not working.

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hello, may i ask if you had acne scars ? if so, did it work for you?
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Im a 68yr old white male with decent looks and skin..Decided to come out of retirement and work again in HS system..Wrinkles are fairly minor for my age. Looking for a product or possibly laser procedure, but unable financially to afford an extreme cost for laser prcedures. Any recommendations as to whom, and if not, a anti wrinkle/ageing cream for men that really work..tks..

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Dear Colonel I use the clarisonic pro for my face every day before bed time afer I use OBAGI nu-derm system with hydroquinone and retinol my face look smooth and wrinkle free. Trust me this really works.
Good luck!!!
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Wow, I can't believe they switched treatments on you! Did they do anything about it (discount, apology...)?

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Yes the MD apologise. I didn't paid the full $2000, because I have an offer from the Internet so I paid before treatment $150 (worth $600) another $95 for a cream I need to use before treatment and after treatment $350.
THis is what happened.
I came for the Pearl Treatment cost 950. What I didn't know the MD was doing FractionalCO2 Resurfacing. This cost 2000. I really think she is doing the Pearl. My skin is very sensitive they said so the Pearl is the best for me. I agree...knowing that I owe them after treatment $350.
After the treatment was done I ask how much I have to pay and they said 1600... I was shocked .. I said for this? (I look really burn at the time) I repeat that is not what the girl who assist me said I asked 4 times and she said $350. What bothers me that girl never look at me when I asked how much the diffrense is I still have to pay them after the offer from the Internet. I assume she knew then that they gonna give me a more expensive treatment.
I really don't know what laser is I prepared may self for the Pearl treatment. I never done anything to my face before.. I am new with this. Actually I paid now a Pearl treatment while I have a CO2.

The MD is very great to me she is a real pro. She treat me very well.
She apologise many times. She own the SPA.
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