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I've only just had my eyelid surgery done on...

I've only just had my eyelid surgery done on Monday, June 3rd, 2013. I admit, I'm super nervous for the results to settle in.

Background: I originally had an eyelid surgery back when I was 17 (left eye). When I was in seventh grade my eyelid swelled up drastically and never went back down. In eleventh grade, my sweet mother was trying to make me feel better and saved up money to help me get it fixed. The doctor my mother took me to at the time did a horrible job. He also told her insurance wouldn't cover it and that she had to pay $2000+ for one eyelid procedure. I later found out that insurance would have covered it (as my eye was literally a slit), he just got more money by her paying directly. Fast forward to today, being 31 I've wanted my eyes fixed my entire life. For me it's something I see everyday and despise having.

In the first photo you can see how botched up my left eyelid is and that my right over the years has started to sag. Not a very easy canvas that I'm taking to my doctor. *Fingers crossed*


I am excited for you! I have my upper lids done on June 21st. We'll have to follow each other! Good luck with your results.
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Yay for you! I just got mine done May 30th 2013 and they look great already! I went to 4 different people before I found the surgeon I liked and trusted and I couldn't be happier with the result. Just do everything they say and things will turn out great! I got the stitches in my lids out 5 days post-op but I also had a canthopexy and went back 2 days later to get those out. I still feel little dissolvable ones in the corners but I was told not to mess with them but they itch! The canthopexy gives you a little bump where the muscle was pulled tight but it's not bad :)

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It will be so worth it! I am very excited for you. I am waiting to see if Insurance will cover it upper bleph, Keep us posted on what you are going for your recovery, are you taking arnica? helpful hints for us that haven't had surgery. Take care of you.
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Birmingham Oculoplastic Surgeon

I enjoy Dr. Vicinanzo's personality. He makes me laugh and smile and I'm extremely comfortable around him. His inability to give me a set price on doing my eyes still makes me smile. His fear of charging me too much (I believe because of the first doctor's over-zealousness on my mother) makes me have a lot of respect for him. The care I've seen him have for his patients is great. He is quick when having to see you, but in all honesty it makes sense as he is a very sought after and busy man. However, I've never felt rushed out of his office.

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