I Had Pips 265 Ultra High Which Now Weigh 250g! I Have 300 High Nagor R&R - Birmingham, AL

Hi I had the above done and the projection of my...

Hi I had the above done and the projection of my new ones seems to high i have allot bruising still on my right and im 4 weeks post op.

Im not happy with the projection and feel bigger i wanted like for like but the bring my projection down to give me more a natural shape.

the feel harder than they did before and in swim wear look fake :(

They look great. Give it time. Mine had bruising for a while and I bet (since it is months after you posted) they already look more natural.
They both look STUNNING. I am jealous. :)

I'm sorry you're not totally happy with your results. They may still drop since you're only a month post op. Was the $2,000 after some help from insurance, cuz that's a crazy low price otherwise?

Thank you for sharing. We so appreciate it!

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