i really want a bbl!

This would be my first procedure but it's...

This would be my first procedure but it's something I really want. I finally have the money to get it. I just don't know where to go to get started. I'm starting school August 21st so I'm thinking about getting it during Christmas break. I'm 19 years old and weighs about 120. All my fat is held in my stomach and I would love to put that fat in my buttocks. I live in Biloxi, Ms also. I don't know of anyone who has gotten a BBL over here. Thank you

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So.. I'm not trying to pay a huge amount of money for my BBL and I heard I could get it done in the D.R. for the price I'm trying to pay. My question is how far away is it from Biloxi, MS. and how much would it cost to travel and stay if I decided to go get my surgery done there?
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Good luck on your journey! I hope you make the best decision for YOU. I know sometimes we look in the mirror after having babies and been through other dramatic changes weight loss, weight loss surgeries, relationship crashes.etc...lol But if you know what you want then I say go for it!!! As Body U. Con said below you have defintely come to the right place for any and all the information you will want and need!! Muah
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Thank you.
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19 is very young for any cosmetic surgery procedure, but best of luck, hope you will be happy !
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I know right but thank you. (:
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Good luck on your journey!!! Wow Biloxi huh! My sister just moved there in june; my fam and I came there for the fourth of July njoyed the beach by the mall Had a chance to ride the jet skies and them big bike they have in the water. Hard Rock & IP Casino was really also. Anyway just chatting, but you came to the rt place to star theres so many dr and amazing results so just take time to research here on rs and Im sure you'll find the Dr. youre looking for ツ
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Awww. Yeah, the coast is pretty nice but there's really is nothing to do here. Lol.. Thank you though. (:
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