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I chose to do Sculptra because I have always been...

I chose to do Sculptra because I have always been very "on top" of looking my best, now that I am older the sagging in my cheeks and chin are making me hate the way I look. I am in excellent shape and only my face is a great disappointment to me. I would have gone for a face lift but the 3 week down time is a impossibility in my life so after much research I chose Sculptra. My only real concern is if it will give me results I can be content with. Yesterday I had my first treatment, they applied a numbing cream 30 minutes before. I must say it was still very uncomfortable. Much worse than a root canal or crown. So be prepared for some pain. I had no bruising and some swelling, several small red needle marks, and slightly tender when I massage. I read some comments about nodule formation around the eyes, my doctor did inject directly below the eye socket area or in the high cheek bone area, I asked about nodule formation in those areas and he said they happen if the Sculptra is not injected deep enough into the dermis. I have a second treatment scheduled in 6 weeks, he said i might be a candidate for 3 treatments however most of his patients are satisfied with 2. So now the waiting game begins, I think this is the hardest part!

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who was your dr?

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Two weeks out, more swelling has gone down, losing some of my fuller younger look but still better than before the treatment. Bruising completely gone! Hoping I am one of those that start to see some results from the Sculptra at three weeks out.
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Glad things are going well overall - hoping you continue to see good changes!!

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Greetings HKKitty and Megan, thanks for your posts. It is one week today. I did end up with a dime size bruise on my right cheek. Trying to massage as told, but very hard to do so on the days I work, so trying to massage more on my days off. I not sure what is happening, but I definitely see an improvement in my face already. Even my husband said so today. I know the collagen can't be forming yet so I must still have some effect from the saline solution injected with the sculptra, I have compared photos and I definitely look younger. Is this normal a week later?. Everyday I have looked better.
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How are things feeling MandyT? Would love to hear!

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The results from Sculptra are subtle but it is very effective. I find that it is much more natural than Restylne or Juvederm, and it lasts longer. I had Sculptra in 2009 (2-3 treatments - can't remember) and I went back from two more treatments in Nov 2011 and Jan 2012.
I also have Juvederm and Restylane at the same time but in different parts of my face.
The Juvederm injected in my eye sockets didn't last and looked very puffy. Not successful for me.
Going forward, I will not have more than one filler injected during the same office visit. I think it is better to do one and see how it "settles in" and then go back for other treatments, if needed.
Haste makes waste! Slowly, carefully and mindfully is the best approach to cosmetic treatments. It is best viewed as an "evolutionary" process.
Good luck!
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