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I had my eyes (top and bottom) done 8 months ago....

I had my eyes (top and bottom) done 8 months ago. I have been having eye infections very bad ! Eye specialist gave me steroid drops and that helps with the swelling for awhile..then it starts again. I'm in the process of trying to find a Dr. that can remove it. But reading the dangers of laser remover is scary ! I wish mine were only messed up, i could live with that. I'm having to fight huge swelling eyes that burn like fire and I look ten years older than what i am. TEARS !

.. @ Geegee2774

Hindsight is eyes in the bum. I've since learnt that pigments tattoo'd into the skin are unregulated, may contain metals, might be carcinogenic, may cause allergic reactions or sensitivity responses in recipients and are often chemically unstable.

How much do we really know about these pigments when used intradermally? Topically - sure we know they are harmless.

Some studies on tattooed mice have scientifically evidenced pigments in the mices lymph nodes, which to me suggests that and immune response is involved even when allergy does not occur.

Many cosmetic tattooists web pages suggest that ones metabolism is involved in the fading process of their "art".

Lipstick and foundations are not introduced as foreign bodies when applied topically but implanting them raises a whole lot of questions in relation to their safety - especially considering you are advocating increasing the dose with recommended touch ups, color corrections, etc.

It's not just you - it's the cosmetic tattoo industry.

Almost seems safer to have a regular tattoo parlor tattoo your make up! They would do it once, it would not need any color correction, it would fade far more gradually which would be less risky than having to break open the skin as often, and best of all it could be lasered off and not 'oxidise' and change color under a Q-switched laser!

Your industry is a money grabbing crock that preys on the insecurities of vulnerable people - requiring many treatments with risky pigments that are not easily removed by modern methods and change colour radically.

I'm over hearing the spin - cough up the truth!

A five day training course, hundreds of dollars a day profits, totally legal immunity from bad jobs .. whores sell their bodies, cosmetic tattooists rob their clients. Which of these "professions" is more profitable? Hmmm.

@ the original poster

Yes, I believe that this filthy PMU job is affecting your eyes. They used inks on us that they know nothing about and, who knows, if you do have herpes in the eyes as geegee suggested it seems coincidentally introduced at the same time as the cosmetic tattoo.

I feel for you. I'm also jaded by my experience with PMU. Maybe herpes of the brain affected the technician who tattooed one of my eyebrows higher than the other in a purple/gray hue of supposedly light brown or she was dizzy from spinning her color wheel?!

Trust your gut feeling .. not some cosmetic artist.

Sorry this has happened to you.
YOU might have herpes of the eyes.
It is a condition that was there before you got this done. The eye liner could have caused the trama to the eye.
I have been doing this for 28 years and have 1000000000 's of clients. I can say I have NEVER had a client or seen a case of this happening. BUT, something
is going on. Maybe you got a New Pet, Carpet, Moved, Tree, Soap the you are having a reaction to.


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