I Made a Big Mistake by Having Cool Lipo on my Neck!

It's been six weeks since I had cool lipo done on...

It's been six weeks since I had cool lipo done on my neck area. I am STILL wearing a bandaid under my chin where I was BURNED very badly, from the inside out! This wound does not seem to want to heal. It is very deep and the is very replusive looking. I went to a dermatalogist to have her look at it, and even she made a face when I took the bandaid off and she saw what it looks like.

She put me on a wound healing medication, instead of the burn healing medication that I was given. It's been two weeks on the new ointment and it might be a little better, but I am still weeks, (my husband said he thinks it will be months) before this thing heals. I have wondered if I am going to have to see a plastic surgeon to have it looked at.

The thing is, I have always been one to heal very fast--I am healthy and have NEVER had a problem with healing from anything. Have I mentioned, that I do not see the results in my neck that I expected? I still have lots of fat and a double chin, but now I have to wear a bandaid on the double chin. I am so upset with this, I don't know what to do.

I had regular liposuction done on my neck area 12 years ago, with great results. This cool lipo is NO GOOD. I would NEVER do this again. I had great results 12 years ago. I would never recommend the doctor that did this to me to anyone.

It been a long time since you posted. Can you give us any updates ?
I just got both of your latest replies today (14th)--You have a good idea and I may look into calling the Health Dept. and see if they have anything on him there. Another thing he did--was to have me take a pill at home to "relax" me before I went to the office to have the surgery. Then when I got to the office, they had me initial a three page declaration describing the risks, etc--AFTER I was already under relaxation medication! Then they never gave me a copy of the declaration, so when I went in the other day, I asked for a copy of all those things they had me initial. When he came in to see me, he asked what was wrong. I told him I'm not happy and look at the open would after two months already! He said to give it longer to heal, and if it all doesn't heal to "our" satisfaction, then he'll go in and redo it. Yeh, like I'll ever let him touch me again! It's ongoing and will be, but now the wound has finally healed and I am left with a nasty scar and swelling, which I hope will someday go away. Live and learn.
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John Dunn/Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

I would never recommend in Lakewood Ranch to do this procedure. He burned me really, really badly and I may have to have plastic surgery to correct the problem. I have one inch by one inch gross area under my chin that will not heal and his attitude has been "oh well, give it time". It doesn't matter to him that I have been wearing a bandaid for 6 weeks straight and will be wearing one for at least that much longer!

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