Four C-sections in Four Years: I Need This TT!!

I'm going in in mid-July for a TT. I've...

I'm going in in mid-July for a TT. I've been thinking about this, wanting this, for so long--it seems like forever. Getting divorced and I want to feel better about myself. I work out almost every single day, do every ab exercise I can find and I still look like I'm smuggling a bath towel, around my waist, under my clothes. Now, however, I'm feeling more self-conscious about my age and my whole body overall and reconsidering doing a mommy makeover. Is there anyone who had just a TT and wished they'd done a MM? Or vice versa? I like the size of my breasts, just not their downward trend...


I'm doing my TT with a Breast Aug this Friday (the 16th) and I'm so happy about doing both, especially since I hear so much about how long it takes to see results of the TT (swelling for a few months) I say do it all now, it would be disappointing to go through the pain and planning of the TT and not LOVE the new you! Good luck with everything and hope you have a speedy recovery
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Go for the TT and breast lift! You will be glad you did. You will feel really good about yourself when you look down and see the nice perky breasts and flat tight tummy! Go for it girl!!
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What a great question! I wonder, too, how many women who got tummy tucks wish they'd also gone ahead with breast work.

By the way, if you're interested in posting a short video diary of your decision-making process, I have some amazing giveaways. Click here to read more details.

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It's been 10 days so far and I have felt...

It's been 10 days so far and I have felt absolutely great. Would definitely recommend staying in a recovery center (or someplace absolutely quiet & peaceful with someone to look after you) for the first night, as the anaesthesia (sp?) wears off but after that, it's been all good. The pain was far, far less than a c-section and further helped by the fact of 1) no internal organs being disrupted (shrinking uterus post-c is the worst); 2) no hormone fluctuations; and 3) no screaming baby to care for every 2 hours. If you can have 5-8 days of normal, everyday type of rest, the recovery is fine. I was off pain meds by Day 3, just used extra strength Tylenol a few times. As much walking as you can handle is also a good idea; keeps your circulation up and helps the muscles in your legs and back from cramping. Have before & after photos to post; probably tomorrow.

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My doctor and his staff were very kind, informed and informative, helpful and supportive. The whole experience was so much easier and straightforward than I had imagined. My recovery has been excellent and I'm very happy I had it done.

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