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Well I am a 43 year old women who works out about...

Well I am a 43 year old women who works out about 3-5 times a week,have had 3 children. About 5'3" .I weigh approx 137 (have been down as low as 112) I also have scoliosis ( a curvature of the spine) My whole life I have had alot of extra fat on my left side of my back(bra roll) and am very self concious of this (it is even there at my lowest weight!)so after many years of wearing big shirts and not being able to wear the cute tight shirts that I want, I decided to book for smartlipo in this area! I am getting bra roll, waist,and flanks(even though mine are not really that bad!) the price was less for 3 areas ,so why not right??

For some reason I am soooooooo nervous,not for the procedure (well a little) but for the recovery process. I have had a child w/o an epidural (very painful) and several other surgeries (nose job , bunion removal) but I am soo apprehensive after reading all the posts regarding the recovery. I hate pain and I hate throwing up!!!! I need some reassurance from people out there.

I already have been taking arnica montana and of course drinking tons of water. Does anyone out there have some other suggestions for me , perhaps some words to calm my nerves!!!!Im freaking out here.....

Dr. Rollins (sonobello,Beverly Hills

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Ooops, just saw on another post that you cancelled your appointment. I'm sorry!
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Hi there,

I JUST had it done. I'm doing a day by day journal which you may find helpful and nerve calming :-) It's at:

I'm 2 days post op and doing great.

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@Simi Valley2209

Good luck tomorrow!!
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No words of wisdom yet, I am scheduled for surgery the same day as you and starting to get nervous, too! From all that I've read, I guess the drugs they give you help get you through the initial procedure, but I am not looking forward to throwing up either. I was told to eat a light meal before surgery to avoid getting sick - I figured I'd have an egg and toast, maybe. I saw another post about someone who had a lot of protein for breakfast and did well. I hope that helps!
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