My Mommy Makeover Experience. Surgery Date : 3/29/10

I am 17 days post op from mommy makeover. TT, BL,...

I am 17 days post op from mommy makeover. TT, BL, BA

the first week was painful and uncomfortable, my husband took 2 weeks off from work to help. im glad he was there for me because small tasks such as going to the bathroom and getting out of bed seemed the most hardest thing.

week two things got better and i could take myself to the bathroom and get back to bed but that was about it.

i am feeling much better but now i have alot of back discomfort due to walking bent over. im still hunched over but not as bad as the first two weeks.

the breast op was not bad at all and i had no pain what so ever. i think the TT pain over powers every other pain.

this morning i took a look at my new tummy and i am very pleased with the results tho the scar looks a little scary at this point.

as far as the breast op goes, i was size 34B before op with alot of sagging so i chose 330cc saline implants under the muslce. when i woke up from surgery the only thing i saw was two massive foot balls in my chest i said to myself OMG WTF? lol the nurse said dont worry youre swollen right now and they will go down by next week and she was right. i see a major size difference today. i think im at 34C (full C) so i am very happy with the breast op as well.

I will post pics as soon as i feel well enough for pics.

for all those women out there wanting to do a TT, i advice yo to go for it. the results are worth the pain and discomfort. Im 31 years old with a 18 year old tummy :)

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I just got mine done with Dr.Kadz too he is an amazing dr.
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Hi @Sobotummy, do you have a review? I had my consulation with Dr K...but, nobody has pics on here :(
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I can send you some pic
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Okay...that would be GREAT...I will send you a priv messsge
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Thanks for sharing your experience! I would like info for your PS...Thanks in advance!
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iam so excited for mine... and jsut hearing your stories make me more anxious .... im glad yours did well...:)
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Thanks for your encouragement. I am 6 days post from tummy tuck, breast aug (from 36A to 36C, silicone), & lipo of flanks, abd, & inner thighs. My biggest problem is this itching & rashes all over me, which only donned on me last night that it might be an allergic reaction to the Vicodin I was taking. The only drain on my right groin is bothering me alot. The stinging & burning from it makes it even harder to walk. I can totally relate to the difficulties within the 1st week, esp the 1st 72hrs. If you don't mind, I'd like to see before & after pics. You email them to me at Thank you. I hope you continue to progress well in your recovery.
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It sounds like your recovery is going well. Thanks for posting your story! It'll truly help others make the decision if these treatments are right for them or not, and help comfort women who are recovering from the same procedures.
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