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I have been a bit self conscious about my body in...

I have been a bit self conscious about my body in the recent years pretty much since I hit 33. I'm 5'1 I range from 125lbs to 140lbs


I'm a little confused.  Your quote was for $34,000?  Have you chosen Dr. Matlock?
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My quote was 34,000 from Dr.Matlock. I have not chosen him as my doctor yet. I am still looking around.


For some reason my original review was deleted. I was quoted $34,000 for vaser high def lipo. Areas included abs, flanks, back, hips,inner thighs, outer thighs and knees. He is a top of the line Doctor & I guess if I want to be top of the line I may have to pay that price . I am still looking around and will update soon.


Is that USD?
Yes that's US Dollar
Sorry for the Spanish Inquisition- that price just seems really high to me.  But maybe it reflects the number of areas being treated paired with him being a top doc as you stated in your update.  I'd be interested to see what other quotes you get if you do some more consults.  Whatever you do please keep us posted :)

Also if you do decide to go with another doctor and need help editing your review let me know and I'll be happy to help.
Dr Matlock

Dr was great very informative gave me a good perspective of what to expect. Took his time explained form A to Z. His staff was great also.

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