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Hello ladies,I need a push..i am 47 years old but...

Hello ladies,I need a push..i am 47 years old but inside i still feel young...i got my stomach the old fashion way, food!I never gave birth to a child, but have adopted three boys..they are all teenagers im thinkg maybe i should get my self together and do some work on myself..since they are older now.but Iam questioning myself maybe im to old. Am I trying to recapture my youth are should i just except the way i look.

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Hi Twinkle!!  You are definitely not too old.  I am 46 and had mine done and love it!  I love not having the double muffin top and saggy boobs :)

You deserve it, are worth it and should go for it! 

I believe we should always strive to be better in life.  Physical, mental or whatever you need.

You go girl!!
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