Hurts, but Pain is Only Temporary Right? - Beverly Hills, CA

I've had 11 sessions so far.. yes, they hurt...

I've had 11 sessions so far.. yes, they hurt like hell but the nurses @ Dr T in Beverly Hills are very good at making you feel comfortable. I'm asian so I scar easily.. I had 2 shaded in stars on my waist but only about 80% of it is gone. It also has white holes penetrating the stars... because of the laser treatments. However, I buy bleach creams ($50 per tube..damn!) to lighten the remaining. I still continued to go every few months and it has gotten better and better.. but it is still very visible. However, this is so much better than what I had before... In my personal opinion.

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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Hey there just checking in to see how you made out with your removal. Do you have any pictures of your results?

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So did you get any discoloration from your laser removal.
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Hi Blistex,

Thanks for the review. Yes, I have heard tattoo removal is more painful than getting the actual tattoo. Do you have pictures? Please keep us updated.



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