Hi - I just joined realself today but I've been...

Hi - I just joined realself today but I've been reading reviews and stories from people with their rhinoplasty journey. I'm asian and I've a small hump on my nose along with a weak tip which droops. I'm okay with my nose but a little improvement wouldn't hurt. I've been contemplating a nose job for over 10 plus years but more seriously thinking about it lately. However, I'm still torn about if I should or shouldn't since it is my face that I am changing. I'm fine now what if I look worst after the surgery? Had anyone gone through this?
Lastly, my consultation was with Dr kimberly Lee. Has anyone gotten their nose done with her?

Thanks so much
Dr Kimberly Lee

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I'm so glad you started your story here on RealSelf! You can find Dr. Lee's profile page on RealSelf here. She has 6 reviews as of the writing of this comment. Hope this helps! Please keep us posted. Oh, and check out this list of questions to ask at your consultations.

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