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I started to get very noticable hollowness under...

I started to get very noticable hollowness under my eyes at 23, which lead to dark circles. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking that I was way too young for this. It made me look tired, old and unattractive. At 27, I decided I wanted to try something...anything! After extensive research, I found Dr. H and I'm so glad I did.

I only wish that Restalyne lasted longer for the cost. The result for me lasted about five months or so. Unfortunately, that puts it outside of my budget for continuous use. It has been three years now since I got the treatment(the big 3-0 coming up in May) and I am considering fat transfer or something that would give me a little more long term results. When I am ready, Dr. H will be my first call.

Honest Doc!

I went back to Dr. Hoenig again last month...its been five years and I thought why not go in and get some more Restylane for my birthday! He looked at the skin under my eyes and said that it didnt appear hollow to him. He pressed his thumbs against the skin and said that he had seen Restylane last for years in some of his patients and he didnt see the hollowness there anymore. How honest, right? He told me that the redness under my eyes was due to thin skin and there wasnt a very easy fix for that sort of thing. I appreciated his candor and continue to trust his judgement.
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. H gave me excellent results for correcting hollowness under my eyes with Restylane. Its a little pricey, but you are paying for the best. His level of experience made me very comfortable.

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So, are you going to decide on permanent fat transfer as of yet? As, I'm looking to do that as well sometime in the near future but unsure, if it should be an oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeon, and one that is an expert with fat transfers. decisions decisions.. :s
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Mark Goldberg or Goldman ...can't remember exactly...in New Jersey is well known as is Sam lam in Houston and there is another guy...Sherman or Coleman in New York
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Thanks Miss.TRev. So have u decided if you're going to do a ft or not as of yet? Luckily i've heard of the doctors you have suggestd. Im also looking into Brooke R. Seckel, MD, FACS. He uses a different technique but his approach seems interesting. He uses a fat graph instead of a ft approach; in which he uses the fat directly taken out of the area since it already has a blood supply and places that graph into the under-eye hollow area. his explanation on it seems interesting indeed. Not many surgeons use this technique though as it is supposed to be a more older technique then the fat transfer process
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sim420, I haven't decided yet. I have some definite concerns about ft. I am going to stick with fillers for a few years and then consider ft more seriously. When I do, I will be looking for the best I can afford :) best of luck to you :)
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Thanks. I will be doing something permanent in the near future, im thinking this winter. Dr. Hoenig also does implants for the under-eye if you dont want to consider fat as an option. Implants may be a good fit for you
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I have an appointment coming up with Dr. H. for the same procedure. Did you go back to Dr. H. within about a month's time of the initial injection? I heard he slightly underfills on purpose the first time so he can see how much swelling may occur (so that he will avoid overfilling, which can cause bags and other problems), and then most patients return within 4 months to get the rest put in.
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I did not return for more. I probably should have, but I was lazy. What can I say? That was the truth of the matter. For me, he filled it just perfectly. He did such a fantasic job. My sister said she noticed a huge difference. I am so jealous of you...I wish that I could afford to go back.
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Hi 9438,

Welcome to the Restylane community. Well, I'm glad you liked the procedure sorry it didn't last all that long. Usually Restylane lasts much longer than other fillers, based on community comments. Did you go back and ask Dr. H why it didn't last as long? Have you tried other fillers like Sculptra? Please keep us updated. 

Thanks so much for the review,


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Hi Britt,
Thanks for the warm welcome. My research has indicated that it lasts for from three to nine months. Its not like it totally disappeared in five months, thats just when I noticed that it was just starting to wear off. I would say that after a year the effects were 100% gone. Enough to almost make it worth it, you know?
Anyhow, I am considering Scultra for other things, but not for hollowness under the eyes, because the mfg. does not recommend it due to increased complications. My research has shown that my options are pretty much Rest. or fat transfer.
Thanks Britt!
Take care,
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