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Scared Mommy - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been wanting to get my breast done for a...

I have been wanting to get my breast done for a while but after having children my stomach is not what it use to be and i ended up with a lot os stretch marks on my belly. After visiting with three Doctors that all have the same opinion concerning the amazing difference a mommy makeover would do for me. I am having a hard time with the pre anxiety and the pain I will endure after the procedure. I'm not that scared of the breast lift and augmentation but am so scared of getting a TT. Just thinking about it makes me feel faint. My husband supports me no matter what I decide to do.

So it's official put my deposit down today....

So it's official put my deposit down today. There's no turning back now. Having mixed emotions about what I am doing. So worried Yikes!!!!
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Hey when's your mm?
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Don't sweat it... do homework, check out the sizes in the office that you want to be. Buy a bra that you want to be after surgery Like 34 D... take that with you to the dr. office when you try on the implants for sizes. Put the implant in the bra it does help with sizing problems. I also took a bag of rice and measured it into a zip loc bag to see what I'm asking for. It worked. I didn't know for sure untll 10 minutes before surgery. its normal. but do homework. I am exactly the size I wanted to be and they look as big as they did in the office stuffed into my bra of choice. Remember you will loose some CC's if your going under. 25 or 50cc's so make arrangments with dr. to go a little bigger. They will tell you that if they are a good surgeon. : )
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Yay congrats I know for my booking it was a huge step and got me excited! I'm site I will get more anxious as it draws nearer but right now in just excited!
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Yes I going with a pain pump why suffer if you don't have to and from what I've read on here keep up on the pain meds!!! I am more nervous about getting back to work and working out after than those first few weeks f healing/pain!
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I know this is a scary time, but try to keep your eyes on the prize. You might want to inquire about pre-op anti-anxiety meds and a pain pump for post-op. Good luck and please keep us posted!

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Thank you yes everyone keeps telling to to focus on the prize and not the procedure. I've never had any surgery before. I am getting a pain pump and will look into anti anxiety meds thanks
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