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5 Days Post Lipo - Flanks, Abs, Inner/Outer Thighs, Inner Knees - Beverly Hills, CA

When I decided to get lipo, I did not anticipate...

When I decided to get lipo, I did not anticipate doing so much (or spending so much). I was originally going in for my thighs and knees, but after considering the fact that I'm athletic and not overweight (160 cm and 62 kg) and yet I haven't been able to get rid of my love handles with diet and exercise, I decided to go for it.

The doctor had to do a bit of lipo on my stomach for continuity between my back and front, which has impacted my recovery - but I can already see results. My back is the most sore of all the areas lipo'd. Getting up, sitting down, falling asleep, staying asleep - performing all of these actions is difficult. I am still incredibly swollen (I won't even try to wear anything but pajama pants!) but I have stopped taking percocet because my doctor told me that an anti-inflammatory (advil/motrin etc) would hasten recovery and help me not feel sluggish.

Though the pain is still extreme and prevents me from engaging in any strenuous activity (can't be up for long periods of time), I do feel better off of the drugs. Yesterday was my post-op appointment (day 4 after surgery) and I got compression garments. I gave one a try last night in addition to the waist wrap. I would recommend this garment as it was fairly easy to get on since the sides have hooks and zippers. The brand is Design Veronique #755 (Zippered Below-knee Girdle). However, at 4am I woke up in extreme discomfort, with the feeling that my internal organs were being squeezed, and I had to undo the waist wrap and the compression garment around my waist.

I'm feeling better now, but I am somewhat concerned that the snugness of the garment and waist wrap could be adversely affecting my body. My main concern through this ordeal is my recovery. I am worried about irregularities, smoothness, and of course, being able to resume normal activities. I'm heartened to read that there are others who are having a tougher time in their recoveries (I thought it was just me!) and I'm glad to have found a place for support. We should all be proud of ourselves for being brave enough to have made this decision to improve ourselves and by extension, our lives. Bravo!


Sorry I wasn't here for the last couple of days.

Bromelain capsules, arnica homeopathic tablets and arnica cream. I went to Pharmaca and got the arnica tablets and cream all in one package for about 10 bucks. I think you can get Bromelain tablets there also! How is your bruising and swelling?
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OK so let me give you some tips. Do you have Arnica cream? My swelling and bruising went down very quickly when I started using the cream. I've been taking the tablets since before the surgery which also help. Bromelain is also very important. Both can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Secondly you cannot get any exercise for at least a month, more like 6 weeks. Any areas that are below your surgery will swell. So you should elevate your feet and let the swelling subside.

Don't worry about new years eve, it's understandable that you didn't know how much swelling you would have. It's fixable. I promise.

I'm at 14 days post op and my bruising is almost gone. Still swollen but much smaller than I was. So just elevate your feet as much as possible, don't exercise at all, watch your salt intake and get ARnica tablets and cream and I promise you will see a big difference!
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One more question. Did you doctor not wrap you in compression garments after your surgery? You should have had them on immediately after the surgery. That's helped my recovery alot!
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I am reserving judgement on my doctor's performance until I can see the results of his work. I'm too swollen to determine whether or not I believe he is truly skilled or if I paid a lot of money for mediocre work.

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