Improvement But Far FAR from Expectations! - Beverly Hills, CA

I have always had a labia which drooped on the...

I have always had a labia which drooped on the right side and would stick out of my vagina and rub on my panties, causing major irritability. I finally went to several consultations and decided on a little fancy Institute on the corner of Beverly Hills. They charged 4500. I am one week out and most of the swelling is gone, there is no pain and I have recovered well. HOWEVER, the doctor did not trim enough off, the right side still sticks out and I can tell will be a problem. LADIES! BEFORE you get this surgery , take photos of vagina to your doctor so you can show him how much labia you want off. I was very clear with my doctor that I wanted almost all of the "extra meat" removed (as much as medically possible) WELL! He did not remove enough and now I have paid 4500$ for only a "slight" improvement. Adjectives are not enough for doctors when describing what you want (obviously), so you really should bring a photograph. So many doctors performing this surgery do not remove enough, so basically most pre op photos just look like a smaller size of a "large labia". The labia can be almost completely removed (without complications) to give you that neat little coin slot look, that most women want!

I hope you update everyone as to how you feel now. I was not completely unswollen (real word :)?) until about week 6. Give it time to see how you are looking and then decide.....
It is difficult to hit home runs when doing this procedure. Obvious visual improvement should be easily appreciated. Taking too much tissue can lead to irreversible problems and that is why conservative is better then aggressive. The lesson is you should ALWAYS know what your doctor's revision policy is BEFORE you have cosmetic surgery. If you were my patient and unhappy, your fee would be $140 to improve your results.
Feel bad for you, that you spent so much. It is such an easy procedure but a lot of doctors do not know what they are doing...I suggest you go see someone else if you get a re-do. Good luck.
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