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I was asked to write about my Gastric Bypass...

I was asked to write about my Gastric Bypass Surgery, so here are the numbers. Was almost 500lbs, had Gastric Bypass 6 years ago, now 180lbs. Usually go up and down by 10lbs depending on time of year or what I eat, but maintain at 180. Now I exercise 1 hour per day, 5 days per week with 2 days rest. I eat very well, follow all of my doctors post-op instructions and don't cheat. His rules have never done me wrong and I do not plan on testing them at this stage. I'm happy where I am and happy I had the surgery. My only con is that I waited until I was 43 to have it, I should have done it a lot sooner.

You can do it dear, don't give ever give up. Always go to the Gym, take some headphone listen to music. Eat healthy foods! Don't drop your guide! You have sustain your body now or loose more! if you need. Just eat Grapefruits!

OMG, you've lost so much weight, that is awesome! Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

Dr. Feiz

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