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Been two weeks today since my full tummy tuck and...

Been two weeks today since my full tummy tuck and lipo. I still have drain tube in side and on second bottle of antibiotics. I'm looking forward to getting that tube out..been hard to look past that at my results. I am going to Dr for the fourth time in two weeks, maybe I can get my drain tube out it aches worse the the whole tummy tuck itself. My suggestions is to make sure anyone going in for this type of procedure to get all the info on pre and post op. Getting info was like pulling teeth, and the info the Dr gave me was very different from other info I read online. So I had some confusion. My Dr kinda made me feel I was doing everything wrong after the fact...I was doing everything he told me to do, rest but get up and walk every few hours and then rest again... but since my drainage fluid was high, he didn't believe that I was resting at all?? weird. This Dr was very nice until that...that really hurt my feelings...I am very happy I did this, but just somewhat discouraged, trying to be positive..I am used to healing very quickly and love to get up and go...... But been bed ridden for two weeks, lol...I love reading all the stories everyone has been sharing. I can post some pics if anyone care to see before, after my tube is out, I will share after..:) thank you!!!!!!


Hi Datepalm, My wife and I wanted to encourage you. She had a mommy makeover 1 year ago and we had our share of challenges, including high amounts of fluids in the drains, even though my wife restricted activity per Drs orders. I see your Dr is from Southern California. I am sure he has had many patients who did not think the rules applied to them, did not - and then those patients blame the surgeon for things going poorly. I'm not trying to make excuses for a Drs poor bedside manners, just describe the bind he may have been in. Urge you to follow his instructions, including not over exerting, resting and taking regular walks. You may also want to keep drinking a lot of water and raise your feet above your heart as you recline. Also, be sure to log the total amount of output from your drains each day. Everyone is anxious to get their drains removed quickly, but removing them too soon will expose your abdominal to the problem of fluids accumulating and abdominal swelling that will stretch your tummy in ways that would require a TT revision. Good Luck to you!
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Hi there, I had the same procedure done on march 22, today is 3 weeks and I can't still do a lot of things, I should said almost nothing. Like you, I usually heal very fast but I am understanding now that this is a mayor surgery and I have to give my body time to recover at its own rhythm. I will love to see some pictures when you are ready to post some. Hang in there; you will be fine.
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I'll be 3 weeks PO on Monday, and I completely understand your frustration with the healing time. Lets be patient though! I'm sure it will pay off in the end. I tried driving today (at 2 weeks 2 days post op) and it was dreadful! Rest is key (my body lets me know and I try to listen). Like you, I hate being stuck in the house, unable to get around easily, my mom's also ill and me being immobile at the same time sucks! But, like I said, lets be patient, I'm hopeful that everything will turn out ok! p.s. I got my drain removed about 8 days after the procedure and it does make a HUGE difference, so once your drain is out, you'll be "on top of the world" compared to now (at least almost).
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