Fraxel Lasers for Acne Scar Have Problems - Beverly Hills,CA

I had fraxel treatment before 1 weeks ago,but my...

I had fraxel treatment before 1 weeks ago,but my acne scar looks more horrible than i do the laser before,the doctor told me my face still swelling so the scar still looks down and have big hole,i worried if the fraxel was failed and my scar looks more deep,i thought i already passed the downtime,doctor tole me i need wait 60 days and scar gonna down to up,should i believed him?if my scar looks more terribe,how can i fix it?i cant image,i gonna cry,i already peels

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HI kukumalu,

Welcome to the community. Others have had questions about the Fraxel failing and it was asked in our doctor Q&A you should check it out. Hope it helps please keep us updated.

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