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After having two botched nose jobs by Stephen...

After having two botched nose jobs by Stephen Pincus, md in Beverly Hills I am desperate to find an expert. Please share your experience and pics with me! First procedure was done in 2006 then one side started to collapse. I went back to him in 2012 and he told me it would be a no brainer easy fix. Now all of a sudden I have a very droopy tip and one side is still collapsed. I wish I never got a revision in the first place!
Thank you for starting your story here and good luck on your quest. Here's what some doctors say about finding a great revision rhinoplasty doctor.
I am so sorry to hear that. I went to Pincus for a consult but never booked with him. Would be my 3rd surgery. Met with many top revision doc's and most want to do it. But I went to 2 top nose docs in Newport Beach and they turned me away! So I don't think I will do it again. Doc's in Newport don't need the money and will tell you the truth. I saw Dr Roland Daniels in Newport. Hope this helps.
I know 3 peole who went to dr Daniels and had awful results. Please do extensive research before you book with him! Good luck

Susan Chobanian,md

Anyone heard of or had an experience with dr Susan chobanian in Glendale? She is very popular in my community and I'm suprised I don't see her mentioned here. I had a consult with her and she promised she could do my third revision and give me the perfect Barbie nose which makes me suspicious.
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