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Over all I had a rough time with this because I...

Over all I had a rough time with this because I had no idea the healing time and it was very hard looking at myself in the mornin. I looked like a totally different person for about 3 weeks it was scary. I started having lots of doubts and was mad at mysellf but once u get past the swelling and start lookin like yourself again it's not bad.

My face seemed to still look really big but at least I look like myself. It was really rough for me. I will say if u have time to heal and can stay in the house for about a good 3 weeks to a month go for it. I can't say I look a lot younger I don't in my opion my face lots a lot fuller but as I said earlier I probably would do this at age 60


Hey Chasedent, just out of curiosity, where did you have your fat taken from?
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Hi Chase, thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I'm sorry it didn't work out like you wanted it to, but at least you have been able to get through the worst of it. If you don't mind me asking, how old were you when you had the fat transfer?

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Dr. Shaboni

I think the surgery was not worth it for me I should have waited to have this done in 10 years. I went to have inner thigh lipo and had expressed to the doctor that my mother has dropping eye lids so I wanted to have some preventive measures done so my eyelids would not droop and my doctor talked me into face transfer? I had never heard of it and was not told the full affects and healing process of this procedure. Crazy thing is I really like my doctor and will go back to him but I will do lots of research before I opt to get anything else done. But I really love my doctor he is good.

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