The Surgery Took 7 to 8 Years off my Face - Beverly Hills, CA

I used to look tired even though I wasn't...

I used to look tired even though I wasn't.

My facelift was a life changing experience. I look exactly the same as I did a decade before the surgery. I received various compliments after the procedure, but no one suspected plastic surgery. I just look well rested.

Did you have anything done to your eyes with Dr. H? Did you spend several days in BH?
I neglected to mention he did my upper eye lids as well. If I recall, I had a follow up visit about a week later, but I went home after the surgery. He uses local, not general anesthesia, which is easier on the body.

I didn't have much pain and took Tylenol the first day or so. There is downtime, about 11 to 14 days for all the swelling to go down and I was very odd looking for about a week.
I had been considering a facelift for several years and interviewed five doctors before making my selection with Dr H.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Hoenig is a highly skilled and innovative surgeon with an incredible aesthetic eye. I have recommended him to two close friends, both of whom had facelifts and were equally pleased.

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