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Age 42-Had Eyelids,Midface and Necklift...

Age 42-Had Eyelids,Midface and Necklift Procedure,

I notice that I am going through alot of different stages during my five weeks recovery time...Good days and bad days.. Now into the 5th week I am getting nervous about my results.

Is it common to have a ripple effect (or unsmooth skin)after one month and will it smooth out.

I still have on a scale 1-10 swelling around the eyes on a scale of 7.

The neck has healed and looks great..

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Dear Northridge,

Swelling after facial surgery is very individual, it also depends on how aggressive your procedure was. The more complex your surgery is, the more extensive the dissection, the more swelling you may have. I have seen patients with variable degrees of swelling after the surgery 3-4 month out. In my experience it is more common in diabetics. Some foods, medications, supplements, activity level and other factors may have an effect on swelling.

Also, the swelling is not usually evenly distributed, one side, or one part of the side may be more or less swollen.

If one side is much more bruised and much more swollen then the other, you may need to be evaluated for hematoma or seroma, however, most plastic surgeons will be able to pick it up during examination.

I would suggest discussing with your doctor your concerns and asking for advice on nutritional modifications, activity restrictions, positional changes, medication adjustments you can make to speed up your healing.


Boris Volshteyn MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Reno NV
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He actually pointed it out to me he seem that it was normaL and expected the next appointment it would be smooth out which is now six and half weeks. It seems to me more rippled especially on one side.
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Did your doctor offer you any feedback about your recovery and the rippling you describe?

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