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I am 39 and sick of the eye bags under both my...

I am 39 and sick of the eye bags under both my eyes. They seem to have gotten darker and deeper in the past three years with the bags on the right hand side have a more pronounced appearance. I had a good consultation with a surgeon but I am still feeling really scared about doing this. I have two young kids and a husband who is basically not supportive of my getting surgery for both financial and ideological reasons. He is concerned about the impact it might have on our kids, especially has they reach their teenage years. I have been considering getting surgery for at least one year now. The surgeon said that he thought that I would enjoy the results of the surgery now or 4 yrs from now it would be even more striking. I would like to do it sooner rather than later for a variety of reasons. One being that I am not working right now and would like to start working in the next 6-12 months. I also think that it will be easier fort kids to deal with the changes in my appearance now than it will be when they are 4 & 6. Eveything I looki in the mirror now I feel mildly depressed. I am not sure that this is the right reason to get this procedure.


I dont see how it would impact the kids at all. I did it and I am SO glad I did. Its not like it changes the way you look, it just improves it. Kinda like having a mole removed, you look the same but with out the mark.
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That's tough when your partner doesn't fully understand - if he is worried about financial things have you looked into other options that aren't as invasive and can still make an improvement?  Maybe some laser treatments or fillers could make you feel better about yourself while not requiring quite as much down time and money.  I do have to say that my life changed after my eye surgery though,  i did do both uppers and lowers but I know how you feel about looking in the mirror and not being able to fix something you are self conscious about with all the makeup and beauty products that we all have access to.  I feel like a different person now in a good way-I am more confident and feel people can really "see me" now.  Doctors always have some financing companies they work with too - have you tried that or going to other consults?  Maybe you can find another doctor that you like as well that is willing to work with you a little bit on the price.  or travel-that price seems a little high only for lowers but maybe in your area that is the norm.  As far as your husband not liking the idea all together,  maybe he just doesn't know enough to understand.  Would he be open to listening in on some of your consults?  After I got my first breast aug ten years ago, the guy at the time got really insecure afterwards as I got more confident.  There are a lot of emotions that come out from surgery-some good, some bad.  You don't want to ruin your relationship with your husband but at the same time you should do things that make you feel better about yourself if it isn't hurting anyone else.
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