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Several years ago I approached a local plastic...

Several years ago I approached a local plastic surgeon to remove the bags under my eyes. Since I am an outside salesperson I felt I should always look my best however the Doctor mutilated my face and destroyed my self confidence. In sales this can translate into lost wages and opportunities. After being told there was nothing he could do and how great I looked (which was a horrendous lie) I took it on myself to find other doctors that were considered the best in their field. I was very fortunate to find Dr Parsa. Not only did he repair the damage the other Doctor did but he successfully did what other doctors told me couldn't be done. 

I am so glad to hear that you are pleased with your results now. As the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. Looking back, knowing what you know now are there any tips or warnings you would give to people considering this surgery?

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It was a great decision on my part to seek him out and I am deeply indebted to him and his outstanding abilities. I only wished that I had seen him first - The lesson I learned here is that if you are ever going to let anyone touch your face you should make sure they are the best - or when it comes to your eyes it better be Kami Parsa. Parsa is the best.

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