Dr Haworth Top,& Corner Lip Lifts ear lobe shortening (Also nose Colemnella Shortening and Lower Blephs) - Beverly Hills, CA

In spite of being as famous as he is (Swan Doctor...

In spite of being as famous as he is (Swan Doctor and all) Dr H and his staff are down to earth, easy to talk to and professional.
I always felt that my needs, desired look and comfort were priority. I have had prior surgeries by differect surgeons, all good, all met my needs well. I was impressed with the amount of time Dr Haworth spent with me just prior to surgery going over each procedure and answering questions. I even added a couple small things (lower blephs and ear lobe reduction) I never felt rushed or like my questions were silly.
Of course like most surgeons he marked with a pen on my body to mark areas that would be getting improvements, but I was impressed with his precision and use of a caliper type device to make each mark to perfection. Actually that is what made me feel he was the kind of perfectionist I wanted to work on my face. I knew I had made the best choice for me.


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I started taking bromaline weeks prior to surgery to help with bruising and the doctor provides a prescription for every possible post op necessity. I traveled here alone staying in a local hotel and was Icing throughout the night. The lower bleph and ear lobe reduction were easy. No real suffering at all. The lip and nose areas are achy when my meds wear off so it's important to keep on top of the pain. Icing helps a lot with pain too. I think it's for swelling and part of the natural healing process. I can't stay away from the mirror it's such a nice result . I will post pics later on here. I am also eating lots of pineapple and drinking pineapple juice and protein shakes drinking lots of water etc. it helps to flush out the anesthesia drugs and lowers bruising and swelling. I sleep with head elevated and actually tonight I will try to sleep through the night without icing. The doctor recommended light treatments and hyperbaric treatments to speed healing so I may do that as well. I have not lost any sensation in my lip or nose tip . I can eat. Normally even though my lip muscles are tender and can move my lip normally. The sutured areas are raised a bit but that is normal and I know when the sutures are removed those areas will heal and become flat. Although right now the lip appears exaggerated and high I can also close my mouth when I want too. It needs to be high to end up with a very glamorous sexy lift when everything settles down.

Dr Haworth Top,& Corner Lip Lifts (Also Nose Colemnella Shortening and Lower Blephs) - Beverly Hills, CA

It's day 3 and the worse for swelling in the healing process. I stayed up all night icing round the clock the first night so I decided to sleep last night went to sleep at 8 woke up at 1:30 achy and swollen in top lip and nose areas. So here I am icing again and took my pain meds. I think I was icing so much the first 24 hours I did not have a lot of swelling wow what a difference icing makes!


Day 4 today..yesterday was swell hell day. Everything was tight and throbbing but much improved by more icing. I found that along with ice cubes held with a wash cloth and those little blue squareice pouches you can purchase from make me heal store, a porceline coffee mug kept in the freezer works magnificently! the porcaline seems to kind of radiate the cold deeper and you can push/roll the mug along your cheeks,under eyes whereever to do a massage on the area which feels great. I also made pineapple juice pops out of another ice cube tray so I can freese from inside lips and cheeks as well. Being day 4 now my swelling has has settled into my lower face area (lovely) my lip and nose im sure must be swollen still but they seem almost normal, nose it is even refined again and no longer bulbous like after surgery. I am attributing that to over loading on pineapple and bromolaine supplements and good icing. I do have lots of purple bruising under my eyes from the blephs (sadly) nothing has helped that (I look like a bassett hound ) but they look great! even colorful. Pic coming soon

Picture's of days 1-4 progression Dr Haworth lip & nose

Here are progression photo's from days 1 thru 4. I am hoping it shows what Dr Haworth had to work with. I wanted mouth corners lifted slightly and although I already had nice full lips I wanted a sexier pout. My nose has always been a problem for me in photos (no one seemed to notice accept me) as my nostrils have a asymetrical deformity/unevenness you can see clearly in the pic's. Dr Haworth suggested an ear cartledge graft to the higher nostril (which I may still do) however we decided to try a slight rasping of the lower nostril to see if it will add enough difference to balance the look. It will take a while for the full effect to manifest through healing and sloughing. I love the lips! They are still swollen from surgery but I think healing very well. I think the incisions are healing perfectly. Even though the sutures from corners are not inside I am not worried about them scarring at all.

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day 3 pic

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Last update until healing is complete

I won't post any further pics until healing is finished as I don't think the pics are adequately showing the improvement or my overall results. It looks far better in person and I can't get a good pic with my phone and the hotel lighting.


Nice full pretty lips. Look forward to seeing your end result of the lip and nose as swelling subsides, and you heal. Congratulations!
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Please post more pictures! I really want to see the full outcome!
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Your lips look absolutely gorgeous! I was wondering, doesn't Dr H usually put the sutures for corner lip lifts inside instead of out? Either way, that's great that you can't see the scars. Did he use the muscle hemming technique for you? I'm thinking about getting this done but the muscle hemming scares me...any reassurance would be amazing!! Congratulations on your beautiful new lips!!!
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Nov 7th lip/nose progression

As swelling goes thru many changes and becomes swollen and thinner at different intevals and is uneven it is too soon to judge until 6 mos or more after. I know alot of people stop posting after they are happy and enjoying their new look. My nose and nostrils appear very isometrical (one of my flaws) I do not want people to think it is Dr Haworths fault fixing my nose will be a process so in my pics mine looks uneven but in person it is already looking alot better than before surgery. My nose tip is still swollen and in my pictures I will not wear makeup or try to make an unnatural expression. I want people to see what it REALLY looks like for their own information and what to expect. I am extremely happy! when I wear makeup and foundation I am almost too pretty. Not trying to be bold but if I put anything with much color on these lips It attracts too much attention to just go to the grocery store LOL. So if you want to knock them out at the clubs..definately go with Dr Haworth for lips ;)

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Nose and lips

area between top lip and nose are still swollen, nose still really swollen (tip and nostrils) Cant hold a straw with lips without looking like a mutant. Have fantom itches that I cant scratch and sometimes a sharp twinge of pain on rare occasions which I am sure it is the area healing still. Wanted to add that in case others experience it so they know its normal. I noticed that now my scar area is beginning to look more exaggerated where I can see the tiny marke where an external stitch was and the insision areas at corner of lips (corner lip lift) are more pronounced at this point. I will try to find a doctor in my area willing to laser the scar areas, but so far no one will do it. They keep telling me "we dont do spot treatments" etc... but I'll find someone or have to fly back to Dr Haworth. He includes it as part of the surgery :)


Hi Lovenlife! I've been following all your previous updates about your surgery and I was wondering how you were. Are you happy with the results so far? Has the swelling gone down? Are you happy with your nose as well? Thanks a lot!
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Yes I am happy. Still have swelling which comes and goes but I can see that overall there will be a lot of improvement with my nose. I just really love the lips!
Wow! Stunning results! What was the cost of just the lip lift and corner lip lift?
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2 mos out now

Swelling is less than the first month but is still there at nose tip and base of nose/lip area and is still itchy and tender if I press on it from healing. I think the nose tip and lips swells easily as a rule anyway (if you get a cold or bump it etc) so since I had cutting and sewing done to them both I expect it to take another couple of months to calm down. believe I am now 2 mos out. I can tell that my nostril asymmetry (which was present prior to surgery) will be improved after the swelling subsides. I do notice some tender areas that may be the dissolvable sutures wanting to surface a bit (that I am sure doctor Haworth could fix if I were close to his office but I live far away)) I still think It will take a skin graft to make my nostrils perfect although someone mentioned it can also be fixed with silicon 1000 so I may check into that later. As for the lips .....I LOVE them! I can see that it will keep getting better as the swelling and stiffness resolve but I already love them so that will totally ice the cake! The corner lift it so awesome...i never worry about looking as tho I am scowling when I am just relaxed and not consciously trying to raise my lip corners lol. I think the lips were $6,100 for the top and $3,700 for the corners that includes everything....not a cheap surgery but it's a very obvious improvement, it's something I enjoy when I look at my face every day, I felt Dr Haworth is a specialist in this particular kind of surgery and the results are permanent and to me worth every cent.
It's a funny comparison but it's like this is one time when money can literally buy happiness...or at least the appearance of it :)


First off, from what I see you look AMAZING and your lips are seriously perfect! Im going to go to Haworth for rhino/lip lift with some fatma hopefully in like 6mos! I just have a question, was there any kind if bandaging on your nose the first week? And also, did you tape your nose after surgery or just ice it? Your response would be very much appreciated!!
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Hi happygal. I only had columella reduction with my lip lift. so basically that just reduced the hangy excess of the area between the nostrils (nice imagery) so did not need any bandaging. I did have a nose rhinoplasty 8 years ago from a surgeon in my area and only had a small brace and butterfly tape for about 3 days I think. I think between the columella shortening and the lip lift it is taking me a lot longer than most others to heal. My lip is still real tight and my nose is just now starting to refine and slim down from swelling. Il put more pics maybe in another month since it's getting better faster now. You will get a terrific result with Dr haworth I'm sure? wish I went to him for my initial nose job.
Okay thank you! I also had a rhinoplasty done about a year ago and was going to have it refined a little more with Haworth with the lip lift! Cant wait to see your new pics soon!!

December 2013

Better all the time. Columella still very stiff and area between nose base and top lip is still very tight and firm. Nostrils still swell easily if I am doing too much work or exercise right nostril still asymmetric (is was prior to surgery) but has improved as a result of the surgery although I will probably need the cartilage graft at some point to truely perfect it.


Your results are very beautiful and very natural. Congrats to you!
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Thanks a lot for the review! You look very beautiful! I am italian too and I want to get a lip lift and a nose revisiĆ³n with Dr. Haworth. I would like to ask you two questions: 1- It seems you want to get a second surgery for getting more symmetrical nostrils. Did Dr. Haworth tell you before surgery he wouldn't be able to get summetrycal nostrils if you hadn't an ear graft? 2-How long aproximatly took you to get the surgery since you call him first time? I would love to have my surgery before june? Do you think it's realistic? Many thanks for your generosity!!
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Hi Lilly Dr Haworth and I decided to first just reduce my columella and gently laser the lower nostril to raise it slightly and see how this turns out. After the swelling and healing are finished, if I still wanted to graft the ear cartilage we can do it. It's just a matter of if I think I will need more or not. I'm pretty sure you should be able to have your surgery by June but I'd call soon you will need some pre operative tests done. Dr. Haworth Is very thorough in making sure you are healthy before surgery which I appreciated. Best wishes to you :)

Ear lobe reduction right after surgery

I did not get any before pictures of my ear lobes because shortening them was a last minute decision just before going into surgery for my lips and nose. I took this picture to show Dr Haworth's work. I knew the price was higher than all the other ear lobe reduction's I had researched but Dr Haworth's technique for the surgery was very different than I had seen. Most other surgeons I have read about (even on here) perform a sort of wedge technique whereby a section of the lobe is removed in the center sort of like a v wedge and than it is stitched leaving a faint scar that runs down the center of the lobe. I could understand this being a less expensive way to go because it seems simple. But what Dr Haworth did to mine was much more time consuming I'm sure as he shortened them entirely along the bottom edge and than carefully stitched the entire lobe. I thought the tiny blue stitches were sort of cute. I will say the recovery was rougher than all the others and is taking the mist time. My ears were swollen and sore for weeks and are still tender when I sleep on them. Sad thing is I would like them even shorter but I kindof dread going thru it again :)


Hello dear your lips are fabulous incredible beautiful shape , can you plz mention how much did you pay for the lip procedure and where ur surgery was ? Thank u
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Any new updates/pictures? How is the healing going? Thanks for sharing with us!
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I still have swelling at the nasal tip by the end of my work day. It's much better if I am laying around all day relaxing, but I am hardly ever doing that :). Over all I think it's all coming together nicely. The lips are pretty done healing and look excellent so just the nose will take mor time. Will try and post a pic this weekend.

Feb 2014 update

Well here are some pics. I think it will be another 4-5 mos before it more settled although it looks better every month. Its looking softer and more natural now finally. Incision area tissue and swelling is becoming softer and thinner and does not pull as much when I smile or laugh. Remember I had nose worked on and lip lift/corner lift so its a longer healing process. the nose tip is the part that will take longer. It still swells a lot by the end of the day and nostrils are swollen and distorted at times and as you can see I still will need the ear cartlage graft to my left nostril in the future (my natural nose not the surgeons mistake for the record)


God!!! Sooo perfect!!! You look like a 18 years old victoria secret model !!! Jealous sooo much...
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Jolka88w your adorable! Thank you so much lol ..big hug :)
Lovely! Thanks for the update. Blessings.
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Scar areas

I forgot to add I am not wearing any makeup in these last pics so you can see there is still some redness around the incision areas not so much the lip corner lift areas anymore though. But I did not require and lasering of the scars as they are not detectable. So all that scary cutting as you can see in my first days pics..left no detectable scars on me at least. I know scars are what everyone freaks out about with this surgery.


Fabulous!! He's one of the best for lip lifts. Did you get any strange looks during the first weeks of recovery? Did they ask what you had done?
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Hhhh I hid out the first 10 days but no one noticed a thing. Do far they just think I look younger but can't figure out why :)
U look pretty How is ur scar now?

8 mos post op pic with pre surgery photo comparison

8 mos. post op pic with pre surgery photo comparison. What else is there to say. I love it. Money well spent! No regrets, easy recovery. Both pictures are with my iphone5 and with not a trace of makeup :)


Hi Lovenlife. How are the lips looking? Any new images to share with us? Would love to see your results 1 year out....thanks!
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update please :)
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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

In spite of being as famous as he is (Swan Doctor and all) Dr H and his staff are down to earth, easy to talk to and professional. I always felt that my needs, desired look and comfort were priority. I have had prior surgeries by differect surgeons, all good, all met my needs well. I was impressed with the amount of time Dr Haworth spent with me just prior to surgery going over each procedure and answering questions. I even added a couple small things (lower blephs and ear lobe reduction) I never felt rushed or like my questions were silly. Of course like most surgeons he marked with a pen on my body to mark areas that would be getting improvements, but I was impressed with his precision and use of a caliper type device to make each mark to perfection. Actually that is what made me feel he was the kind of perfectionist I wanted to work on my face. I knew I had made the best choice for me. PS I did not wait longer than you would for any good doctor that gives quality attention to his patients. I never felt bored maybe I waited 20 minuted max

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