After My AQUAMID Disaster...- Beverly Hills, CA

As you can read at my profile i went to hell...

As you can read at my profile i went to hell because of aquamid now about 4 years passed and im looking for the best plastic surgeon to fix my right cheek, I was wondering if someone had cheek implants or revision with dr: Binder from Beverlly Hills...Im seriouslly thinking to have this procedure done sometime soon :))

AQUAMID IS DANGEROUS AND THE COMPLICATIONS CAN START YEARS AFTER THE PROCEDURE. I had an aquamid rhynoplasty to fill a collapsed rhynoplasty operation by a supposed expert in this area in Sydney. I now have two tumors on the bridge of my nose. They said it will get worse and there is nothing they can do about it. It looks hideous and I am in more and more pain. It feels like some big eagle is clasping the bridge of my nose and squeezing harder and harder. This particular surgeon in Sydney damaged my face SO much from nerve damage from other procedures, cutting and burning my eyes. He made me pay for redoing certain things and when I pointed out all the damage and said I wanted a refund he said no. Any complaint to a health protection agency is a waste of time because they are only there to protect the medical people. DON'T BELIEVE DOCTORS WHO TELL YOU AQUAMID IS SAFE. DON'T TOUCH ANY PERMANENT FILLER ESPECIALLY AQUAMID.
Ok thanks for the response:)
Hello, did you get revision surgery afterall with Dr. Binder....Im in need of a chin revision (the fourth) and I need the BEST. Want my nightmare to be over...
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

I heard he is the best dr in the United States for facial implants and i really want to have it done by the number 1 doctor :)

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