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After My AQUAMID Disaster...- Beverly Hills, CA

As you can read at my profile i went to hell...

As you can read at my profile i went to hell because of aquamid now about 4 years passed and im looking for the best plastic surgeon to fix my right cheek, I was wondering if someone had cheek implants or revision with dr: Binder from Beverlly Hills...Im seriouslly thinking to have this procedure done sometime soon :))

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

I heard he is the best dr in the United States for facial implants and i really want to have it done by the number 1 doctor :)

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Ok thanks for the response:)
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Hello, did you get revision surgery afterall with Dr. Binder....Im in need of a chin revision (the fourth) and I need the BEST. Want my nightmare to be over...
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Not yet, I'm short of $$$$$
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Did you try Dr. Binder? I am curious about your results.
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Hi Joanna -- How are you doing? Just curious if you've decided on surgery yet.

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