Scaring Around the Areola - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a breast lift, augmentation and areola...

I had a breast lift, augmentation and areola reduction 3 months ago. Im concerned with the scaring around my right areola. I would like to know if this requires a scars revision or perhaps areola tattooing that may help define the outline of the areola? Any recommendations will be appreciated, thank you.

Congratulations on your surgery! From what I can see in the photo, your results look wonderfully natural. How many cc's did you get? Ideally your scar will fade over time. Have you asked your PS about various methods to help the scar heal properly? There are creams, Vit E oil, scar strips and much more. Let us know what your PS suggests!

I had 420 cc's on the left and 430 on the right with a high profile. As far as the scaring my PS recomended applying mederma scar gel, hopefully this will help the scar.

Just try to be diligent about applying the scar gel. It's easy to forget or just skip it. You could also check in again with your PS and ask if you can do anything else to help make the scar less visible. Good luck!

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