5 Days Post BA and Regret! I Want Them Removed ASAP - Beverly Hills, CA

On Aug 30/12 i was an A cup pre op and had 330...

On Aug 30/12 i was an A cup pre op and had 330 cc's (saline) implanted.

It's been 5 days and the doctor really did do a fabulous job...size Is perfect for my frame. Recovery was really easy.

I'm 28 with 2 little ones and i completely regret my decision and I want to take immediate steps to have them removed.

This has negatively changed my life. I thought I was ready for them and after contemplating for over 2 years and researching and paying the best doctor in Bevery Hills, I had NO idea that I'd hate them. While everyone else loves their new boobs, I want mine out NOW.

If I could go back in time, I would tell myself "you're so beautiful, your family loves you, your children love you and your husband loves you....don't be FOOLISH and DON'T put something foreign in your body because it's NOT healthy."

I want them out ASAP and will take the steps to do so.

Is it possible for some breast implant patients to...

Is it possible for some breast implant patients to feel like this "just isn't for them"?

Recovery has been fairly easy, and The doctor did an amazing job yet I Feel so certain that this just isn't for me? I find more relief in having them removed now, than keeping them. My husband and I are in complete shock that I feel this way and we are trying to deal with this each day....and I'm trying to be positive and really get through each day. No one understands me because they think it's the most exciting time for me. Filling a pretty dress is one thing....but feeling this pain of complete regret and wanting them out is just a nightmare. It's not worth it. I'm going to see doctor today and I'll probably ask to see him next week also because I want to be sure that my emotions of removing them are 100% without a doubt.

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Did you have them removed?
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Did you ever removed them?
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I was advised, encouraged, persuaded to wait 3 months. It's been 3 1/2 and I still want them out, I still lose a lot of sleep over it. I feel rediculous for going to such measures, so foolish.
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Hi Momma29---well you have a great Christmas and get those bags out in the new year. We are all here for you--but if you have a change of heart no one will judge you. x Just remember there are always solutions-- dont be so hard on yourself--there any many here that did the same as you. I put up with mine for 5 years--just wish i had the guts to of had them removed earlier---but everyone around me said how nice i looked. BIG BIG MISTAKE as i knew the day i came home they weren´t for me. I put up with them as i had spent so much money having them put in--i felt stupid and embarrassed that i wanted them out straight after--friends were saying you will be fine--just wait--yeh for FIVE YEARS!!! and surprise surprise the friends who did know i had implants , when they knew i had them out they were not surprised--they said OH! Yeh but you never liked them!!!! Dont listen to anyone else--its your body and your decision xxxx
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i just got my implants 4 days ago and i feel the same way. I want them out NOW!! i have been crying non stop for 3 days now and i just don't want them anymore. I feel so stupid for spending this much money....especially when my husband is so frugal. I hope he doesn't hate me when i tell him that i don't want them anymore. I'm sure he won't but i'm sure he won't be happy that i wasted nearly 6K. i hope you have gotten the chance to explant! my PS is on vacation and i won't see him until the 11th:( i don't want to wait that long:(
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Yes, and it only gets worse. I've hated mine for over a decade, and am looking forward to getting them explanted. If you hate them, you hate them - time doesn't help, you just despise them more. I feel for you, and wish you all the best. Trust yourself - I wish I had explanted when I first hated them, instead of trying to 'live with' them for all these years.
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i just read your story my god ....what you said i totally get it and understand the way you feel before and after...i have thought about last year then i decided not to then you know the story..... just wanted to say proud of you :)
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You are not alone! Some ladies have to go through such an experience to realize that this is not for them. Check out the breast implant removal community and you'll connect with many like-minded women.

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