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Hi I'm rely considering having me in pants removed...

Hi I'm rely considering having me in pants removed I've had them since I was 19 and I'm 33 now.
I've had 2 surgeries now and am over the idea of foreign objects in my body!
I can't jump off waterfalls at home in Maui.
And I just feel like they so un yogini like. Not resonating with my spiritual path at all.

I have had two kids and honestly before I got them I was ways slimmer. I think my body doesn't appreciate them.
I just rely want them to be perky little boobies not African flap jacks you know.
So I am scared.

I will take photos tomorrow.

I started with saline under the muscle at 19 and had them for 5 years never happy with them their shape or heaviness
Then I had my daughter : breast grad again - since I had already had my son and breasted with no implants.

About 3.6 years ago I replaced those with silicon over the muscle and these ones are more saggy now and they can ripple if I lose weight.
They feel so unnatural and I've never felt like comfortable with them.

They are terrible for running for surfing for capoeira for yoga for everything.

And they are droopy :(
I should've listened to my ex who never wanted me to get them in the first place....

I think they've cause issues in my health over the years.

Anyways I want to find the best explantation surgeon in LA and one who can make sure that my breasts are tiny elegant and perky like I can wear no bra ever and just have lil boy boobies... Well a tad more cushion but no real big boobies...

They are so gross now to me... Like huge sacks of trauma and burden.

Anyone have any suggestions and good results.

Thank you

Thank you so much for starting your story on RealSelf. Are you living in Southern California now? If so, here's a list of board certified doctors who do breast implant removals in your area.

Thank you for sharing your story! I just had my 450cc silicone implants removed in Beverly Hills. I went to Dr. Anita Patel and she was wonderful!!! Found her after visiting MANY other surgeons who did not understand my desire to remove them. My experience was wonderful. Feel free to message me if I can further assist you, or answer any questions.
Thanks did u post before and after results?
Help me choose one please

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