7 Weeks Post Op Signs of Infection - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm 7weeks post op, I had a full anchor lift and...

I'm 7weeks post op, I had a full anchor lift and augmentation. Yesterday my left breast started feeling more sore along the underside where the anchor incision is. The incisions are still redish and I did notice a white internal stitch poking through a couple days ago, I kind of squeezed along it and saw white puss (very small amount). I know my dr had said sometimes the internal stitches spit and not to worry so I didn't contact him when I saw the puss. However today that breast feels hot and is more achy. Could this be infection? Will I lose this implant? My surgeon is in southern California and I live in northern California. I only email pics post op. do I need to fly down there or can I see my internal medicine doctor locally?

I would definitely contact your doctor right away. Puss, hot and achy sound like infection. Do you have a fever? Maybe you can get antibiotics prescribed over the phone. Let us know what your doctor says!

You should call your Ps that operated on you and explain what's going on; he may want to see you! I would'nt take any chances waiting around; your primary care may not know much about breast implants;

No fever. Got antibiotics from my primary care...

No fever. Got antibiotics from my primary care doctor, she said it looked like cellulitis, I sent pics to my PS and he said everything looked fine and is hopefully just a superficial skin infection. I've been on the antibiotics for 4 days and I do feel better. My breast is still sore but actually they both are, I started my period thursday and they are generally achy then, plus I did have a full anchor lift on both sides and I'm getting more feeling back every day so I guess some ache is normal. I see my PS next weekend, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated. thanks!!
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